5 Must-Have Toys for Baby’s First Year

With a million, trillion toys on the market these days, how do you know which to choose for your little ones? What toys should parents be looking for in terms of quality, learning potential. engagement and excitement?

Ideally you’d want toys to open doors to imaginative play while at the same time help tiny tots to develop all of those super-important foundational skills.

Here are our top five must-have toys for baby’s first year:












1. Lamaze – Activity Spiral


This wonderful expandable Activity Spiral is perfect for your baby with its entertaining as well as developmental features. Its bright colors and high contrast patterns stimulate baby’s visual growth and the clanking rings and jingles contribute to auditory awareness. The hanging characters not only keep the baby engaged and entertained, but also help strengthening the baby’s muscles as she/he tries to reach, pull and squeeze them. The Activity Spiral is easy to attach to car seats, carrier bars, strollers and cribs for on-the-go play for your baby.














2. Tomy – Happy Shape Sorter

This is a great L-shaped sorting box with one end featuring 3 different shaped holes that allows the child to attempt to place the different shapes through the correct holes. The other end has a flexible covering allowing the child to put their hands through but not let the shapes fall out.

Develops colour and shape recognition along with hand to eye coordination. Develops problem solving skills and improves grasp, grip and manipulation skills.

Encourages co-operation, improves attention and stimulates memory.









3. Melissa & Dough – Rainbow Stacker

Talk about a classic childhood toy! All the colors of the spectrum are represented by these eight smooth, easy-grasp wooden pieces. As little ones are sitting and standing, this toy intriguing toy continues to support the development of larger-muscle groups and gross motor skills while at the same time introducing hand-eye coordination skills needed to put each ring on the stacker.





4. Playskool – Busy Poppin Pals

Play Skool Busy Poppin Pals are perfect for keeping your baby’s mind and hands engaged in a fun play. This hands-on activity toy features colorful friendly animals that pop up by activation of a lever, beeper, key and switches. They are specially designed for easy operation by the little hands.

Actions like turning, twisting and pressing help develop baby’s fine motor skills and the Popping up of the Pals really intrigues and amuses the child. The toy comes with a built-in carry handle for on-the-go-play.














5. Ambi Toys – Max Pull Along

Max Pull Along can be a perfect pal of your little one who has started to walk. Your kid would love to pull along Max wherever she/he goes and enjoy his friendship. Max shakes his head and wags his tail as he follows you. He is real great fun as a pet!