Take to the Skies with Air Hogs!

It was only just over a hundred years ago that the Wright brothers made their historic flight and the dream of powered flight became a reality. Now powered flight from the palm of your hand is a reality, thanks to amazing Air Hogs airplanes, helicopters and rockets!

This fantastic line of radio controlled, free-flying, and air-powered aircraft give you all the fun of controlled flight without all the expense and assembly of traditional radio-controlled hobbyist gear.

Air Hogs Remote Control Sharp Shooter Helicopter
If you have enemies in the sky to take out, the Air Hogs Sharp Shooter combines the ultimate indoor flying experience with missile firing capabilities. Lock in your target with the red LED locator and fire the two missiles in your launch bays—they fire independently so you won’t waste that crucial shot! You get six missiles with the Sharp Shooter, and Tail Lock Technology provides stability, control and slower flight speed that helps you get a lock with your missiles. Try setting up some target balloons to practice your aim.

Air Hogs Split Shot Rocket
All you need is a bit of stomping power to launch the Air Hogs Split Shot Rocket. The harder you stomp, the higher it flies—up to 18 meters into the sky. The Split Shot is great for kids aged 5 and over. It’s a perfect present to get them outside into the backyard as the weather warms up too.

Air Hogs Vectron Wave
For something completely different, check out the Air Hogs Vectron Wave. Instead of a radio- or ifrared-controller, the Vectron Wave has a sensor that allows it to hover in mid-air! You can control it by using your hand, or a leg, or a foot—the Vectron uses altitude sensing technology to hover above just about any object. You can throw it to one another, without it ever touching you—“Hey look mum, no hands!” Or you can make it dance all around your body like a science fiction hacky-sack!

The Vectron Wave comes with one Vectron Wave, two catching sticks, one charger and a user guide, and is recommended for kids aged 8 years and up. But of course it isn’t just for kids; anyone with a love of cool gadgets will get a kick out of the Vectron Wave!

It’s time for lift-off—take to the skies! Check out the official Air Hogs website.