What’s Hot: Amazing Hover Soccer

Hover SoccerIf you love air hockey (and who doesn’t) and you love soccer—you’re about to get the best of both worlds! Hover Soccer is, in one word, awesome!

The trouble with air hockey is, you need a big air hockey table and electricity—not very portable or affordable is it? The trouble with soccer is, you can’t play it inside the house without major collateral damage of furniture and walls—as well as your own physical safety when your Mum finds out! Hover Soccer solves both dilemmas!

The 20 cm diameter disc features a soccer ball design and a seriously powerful hover action. All you need to do is insert 4 AA batteries (not included), turn it on, and you’re good to kick off a world class winning performance on nearly any flat surface—low-pile carpeting, wood floors, driveways, footpaths—the Hover Soccer floats on a cushion of air like a hovercraft, with a specially designed rim to protect your furniture and walls that also gives it an awesome rebound action.

A sensational Christmas present that will keep the whole family entertained all day. Brilliant for birthdays —or just because you’ve waited far too long to have your own air hockey table! Not even Beckham can bend it like Hover Soccer! Order now and you’ll be floating on air (and running around with your shirt pulled up over your head) in no time!