The Birds Are Here and They’re Angry!

Angry Birds

Angry BirdsOne of the biggest games around on mobile computing platforms is Angry Birds, a puzzle game by Finnish computer game developer Rovio Mobile. First released in December 2009 on the iPhone, and now available on other phones, personal computers, and consoles, an incredible 50 million copies have been sold on all platforms. Apparently there’s even plans for feature film or television series!

For those few of you that haven’t discovered this addictive game, you use a slingshot to launch birds at structures, which then collapse, destroying a number of pigs on or around them. You see, the green pigs have been snaffling their eggs, and the birds are as mad as hell and they ain’t gonna take it anymore! It’s a simple idea, but the game rapidly gets addictive as birds with special abilities start to appear.

Of course, on the heels of this amazing success comes some fantastic merchandise, and Toys Paradise has a great range of keychains, backpack clips, and plush toys. And if you head on over to Games Paradise you’ll find the Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game and the Angry Birds Card Game too!

The Angry Bird Backpack Clips are fuming furballs designed to hang on backpacks, schoolbags and briefcases. Super cute and fluffy, they come in red, yellow and blue, and of course there’s an evil green pig too.

Green PigThe very annoyed-looking Angry Bird Keychains can hang on any keychain, and with one of these you’re guaranteed to receive nods of appreciation from iPhoners and app-addicts wherever you may roam. Pick your favourite coloured bird—blue, black, red, or yellow, or if you prefer to root for the bad guys, you can even hang a green pig on your keychain. In fact, why not all five, for true Angry Birds addicts!

Of course it’s kind of hard to be really angry if you’re quiet, which is why we have Angry Birds soft toys that are not only cute (if a bit fierce looking!), but also rather noisy! Give these Angry Birds a squeeze and they’ll ‘squawk’ and ‘chirp’ for you. The mini 5″ Angry Bird soft toys are the perfect gift for Angry Birds fans, and children too will love squeezing them to hear the funny birdie noises. These miserable blighters will entertain no end with their ferocious faces and squawking sounds! The perfect funny stocking filler for a grumpy character… they’ll get a shock when they squeeze it, but will they smile? Of course.

Angry BirdThey come in yellow, blue, black, and red, and of course there’s a green pig as well (I’m not quite sure what sounds he makes…)

The larger 8″ version squawk and chirp when you toss them around, and come in red, blue, yellow and green pig versions. Build a fortress of green pigs and knock’em down with a tossed bird!

For the ultimate in cuddly Angry Birdness, there’s the 16″ deluxe red Angry Bird! He’s so big he doesn’t need to make a sound—he just glares at you with that disapproving scowl … though he’s still soft and cuddly!

So display your allegiance to the bird-shootinest game phenomenon around, and grab yourself some Angrey Birds stuff—before those green pigs steal it all!