Baby Alive Crib Life Crew

Crib Life

Crib life! It’s a good life! Most babies crawl around that’s not what we do … but we’re not like other babies we’re the Crib Life crew—trendy, cute, and we love to shake our booty!

Sarina CutieTake the dolls along to meet some of your friends, or get them together with some of their own Crib Life Cuties friends (all sold separately). Each doll has a charm that hides a secret code that allows girls to get inside the ‘crib’ online at! Click in to play games, check out videos, create a ‘crib’ of your own and get to know some of the other Crib Life Cuties dolls!

Check out the Crib Life Crew Fashion dolls: Sarina Cutie likes princesses, ballerinas and all things pink. This sweet girl is dressed for a party! Lulu Lake likes to get groovin’ with a soccer ball or a cool swim. This sweet girl wants to make a splash! Makayla Song likes making a difference, singing and playing the guitar. This sweet, caring girl is dressed to play! Each fashion doll includes an outfit, key chain, charm, online code, and mini book.

The Friendship dolls are super cute too: Lilly Sweet likes playing with techie tools, doing science experiments and creating gadgets to solve all the girls’ problems. Ella Song likes playing music, being a DJ and putting on rock concerts. This sweet girl is ready to rock out! Hailey Hula likes hula dancing and traveling. Help her practice some cool hula moves!

Crib LifeHow about double the fun? They may be twins, but you’ll have no trouble telling your Sarina Cutie and Sydney Cutie dolls apart in this fantastic playset! Includes 2 dolls, 2 outfits, key chain, 2 charms, 2 doll cribs, tiara, online code and mini book.

Talking about playsets, the girls come with their very own special sets too. The Secret Central set is where Lily Sweet likes playing with techie tools and hanging out in her secret lair. Includes doll, 2 outfits, key chain, 2 charms, glasses, toolkit, robot, online code, and mini book. In the Beach Luau set, Hailey Hula doll likes to practice her hula dancing and get ready for traveling. Dress her up for her special beach luau! The set includes a doll, 2 outfits, key chain, 2 charms, sunglasses, tropical ‘drink’, ukulele, online code, and mini book.

So join the Crib Life Crew and start collecting now!