What’s Hot: Barbie Video Girl Video Camera

Barbie Video GirlHave you ever wanted to make a movie about Barbie’s glamorous and exciting life? Well now you can see the world from Barbie’s point of view! It’s awesome news for all you budding filmmakers out there—Barbie now doubles as a video camera!

Girls can record and play back video clips with sound with this multi-tasking doll, which has a video camera built right in. Capture everything from a Barbie doll’s-eye-view, then watch it instantly or upload to your computer.

There’s an LCD screen on Barbie’s back, and a camera lens hidden discreetly in her necklace. Talk about making movies in style!

The built-in video camera is Windows and Mac compatible and comes with USB plug-in cord. Add music, graphics, and special effects with free Video Girl editing software at www.barbie.com/videogirl (the editing software is Windows only).