Be a Trainee Toyologist!

This has got to be one of the most coveted jobs in the world! Mattel in Australia has been looking for two enthusiastic children between the ages of four and eight to be ‘trainee toyologists’.

It’s all very well getting feedback from parents, but Mattel’s marketing director, Meagan Reay, says they need reviews and advice straight from the kids, and “the honesty and the authenticity of their reactions is something we just don’t get from the parents.”

The job is a 12-month contract with a salary of up to $5000 paid in toys! The successful applicants will be responsible for testing, reporting and reviewing Mattel’s top 12 toys for Christmas at Mattel’s secret Toy Lab at Mattel HQ in Melbourne. After Christmas, they’ll submit monthly reports review a range of the latest Mattel toys.

Mattel’s Chief Toyologist, Adam Hyman, thinks that the kids who love toys are the best ones to assess them.

“Having kids on the Mattel team to test and review our toys will help us to understand exactly what makes children tick and ensure we select only the finest merchandise to hit the shelves.”

After reviewing hundreds of entries, the ten finalists have been selected. Head to to check them out, and put in your votes for your favourite Mattel toys.