The Ultimate Ben 10!


Ben10 OmnitrixBen Tennyson was a normal ten year old kid until the day he found the Omnitrix. Once he put on this mysterious alien device, he couldn’t take it off. The Omnitrix gave Ben the power to transform into ten different alien life-forms, and whether he wanted to or not, Ben became a superhero! With the help of his Grandpa Max and Gwen, Ben defeated Vilgax, an alien warlord determined to rule the Earth!

For when you have to defend the earth against an alien warlord, there’s an awesome range of Ben 10 toys and accessories available from Toys Paradise!

The Omnitrix is the mysterious watch-like alien device that allows Ben to transform into alien speicies by combining the DNA of the selected alien with Ben’s own DNA. With the skills and unique abilities of these alien forms, Ben must stop a sinister genetic plot that threatens all life on our planet. The Ben 10 Alien Force: Ultimate Omnitrix has all the bells and whistles, lights and sounds you could wish for, as well as mini translucent figures! The Ultimate Omnitrix comes with one miniature figure which attaches to the base and unlocks the alien’s special image and sound (batteries included).

Another version of the Omnitrix is the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Disc Alien Ultimatrix. You can unlock the alien voices and sounds of characters from the Ben 10 cartoon by placing the disc-shaped alien hero included inside, and activating it to pop up and bring the alien to life! The Disc Alien Ultimatrix unlocks the alien voices and sounds of characters from the cartoon, including Ultimate Spidermonkey, Ultimate Humungousaur, Ultimate Big Chill, Ultimate Swampfire, Ultimate Cannonbolt, Nanomech, Amphibian, Armodrillo, Water Hazard, Terraspin, and NRG. These additional Alien Discs, sold separately, come with select articulated 4-inch tall Alien Collection Figures.

For when the battle moves to the vast reaches of space, Ben and his team now have their very own ‘glow in the dark’ Galvanic Gunship. Take it apart to create 3 small attack vehicles, or combine the vehicles to form the awesome Galvanic Gunship! The ship comes with 8 missiles (3 different types) and includes an exclusive Ship Figure that can also be used to unlock the component vehicles. IThe Galvanic Gunship can also be used with most 4-inch tall Alien Collection Figures (not included).

Ben 10 Alien Force: Alien Creation Challenge Set makes you work against the clock to put your alien creatures together! Includes four translucent alien figures and 8 combo cards for challenging game play, plus a special alien key to unlock the figures. And the set also doubles as a storage bin for your Ben 10 figures! Go online to download additional combo cards for more challenging play.

HumungousaurOf course there’s a fantastic range of Ben10 action figures for your alien battles—check out the 15cm DNA Alien Hero Ultimate Humungousaur, the 15cm DNA Alien Hero Ultimate Water Hazard, the amazing assorted alien variety of the 10cm alien action figures, or the new Alien Queen, Nanomech and Validus figures from the Ben10 live action film!

Learning Path books have got in on the Ben10 action too—the Leapster Explorer Game is an educational combat adventure game where fighting mutated life forms goes hand in hand with geography and life science learning! As you play, you can earn badges for your achievements which can then be converted into LeapWorld tokens where you can customise your Ben 10 game; or use your tokens to adopt a pet, play games and earn rewards. With Leapster Explorer the game dynamically adjusts the curriculum to the player’s skill level so it’s not too easy and not too hard. Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog Learning Path to see what their child is playing and learning, and explore ways to expand their child’s learning journey.

The Leap Frog Tag Activity Storybook features funny voice-overs and cool sound effects that add to the fun of discovery, helping children build vocabulary and reading skills such as word recognition, reading comprehension and phonics skills.

Whether learning, building aliens or just kicking evil overlord alien butt, Ben 10 is the ultimate action hero!