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Vtech Toys


Toys Paradise is now offering more Vtech Toys than ever. Get your kids ready to learn more while playing! This …

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Nerf Guns Modulus

Nerf Guns

5 New Nerf Guns are available at Toys Paradise including the new Nerf Rhino Fire, Nerf Modulus CS 10, Zombie …

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Star Wars


The new Star Wars movie is coming out: Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens. A continuation of the …

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Jurassic World

images (2)

Discover the new Jurassic World toys battle sets: Jurassic World Dinosaurs Brawlasaurus Battle Set Tyrannosaurus Rex Vs. Indiminus Rex Jurassic …

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Beanie Boos

Screen Shot 04-29-15 at 08.59 PM

We have just received the latest Beanie Boos: Ty Beanie Boos Grapes – Purple Monkey 15 cm Available in 3 …

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Avengers toys

Avengers toys

A new villain, Ultron is on the way to destroy the human civilization. Defend humanity with our latest avengers toys …

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Wubble Bubble

The only original Wubble Bubble arrived at Toys Paradise. The ball is a made from a top secret super thermo …

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FurReal Friends

furreal friends monkey

Discover all the latest Furreal Friends toys at the cheapest price at Toys Paradise, Buy interactive stuffed animal toys for …

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Lego Technic


Lego Technic is a line of Lego designed for the purpose of creating advanced Lego models with complex moving parts. …

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Beanie Boos 2015


Plush toys are a great gift for any child or even a young adult. On Valentine’s Day a plush toy …

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