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Five things that Collecting Teaches Kids


It would be rare to find a kid or adult that doesn’t have a collection of some kind.  I have …

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Top 12 Recommended Activities at Home for Spring School Holidays Part 2

Classic Kid Games Toys Paradise

Spring School holidays are one week closer and now it’s time to share our next 6 Top Recommended Activities for …

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Top 12 Recommended Activities at Home for Spring School Holidays Part 1.

Spring kids activities

Spring School holidays are only a couple of weeks away and while we like to plan some outings to the …

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Top Seven Reasons Wooden Toys are Good for your Child.

White Doll

There’s something nostalgic about wooden toys.   The tinkering of the toymaker makes us think of a time less complicated.  Now …

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When I buy Toys online should I think about Pretend Play?


  There are many things we take for granted when being a parent.  We are now encased in technology believing …

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Just 15 minutes of Brain Food!


Did you know that in 1945, the average elementary school student had a vocabulary of 10,000 words.  But today, children …

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5 Must-Have Toys for Baby’s First Year


With a million, trillion toys on the market these days, how do you know which to choose for your little …

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Hottest Toys For Christmas 2013


If you are wondering what to get a child this Christmas, then stop right here and search no further as …

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LeapFrog LeapPad 2 & LeapPad Ultra Comparision

images (1)

Get your own LeapPad 2 or LeapPad Ultra now!!!

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When Fairies come to life!

images (1)

If you can see with a child’s eye there is a world full of colour, joy and wonder to be …

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