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More Incredible LEGO!


In the first article on our big range of LEGO products, we had a look at LEGO Atlantis, LEGO Games, and LEGO Star Wars. But what other amazing LEGO creations are on offer? Lots more of course!

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The Incredible World of LEGO


LEGO comes in just about every size and shape you can imagine. You can also easily recreate all kinds of vehicles and scenes from popular movies and imaginary worlds. Remote controls and special software, LEGO boardgames and computer games—we have all the LEGO you’ll ever need!

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Liv Dolls Rule!


The Liv dolls are a fun new range of fashion dolls that take six to ten year old girls into the fun, fashion-filled world of Sophie, Katie, Alexis, Daniela, and Hayden. They’re best friends; normal teenagers with great senses of humour, dealing with everyday life and the normal ups and downs that teenage girls can relate to. They’re not perfect, and they’re not bratty—they’re real girls with real personalities!

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Super Spy Net – Real Tech, Real Spies


What you’re about to read is highly classified! Spy Net takes high end electronics and interactive gadgets and puts them in the hands—and on the wrists—of young secret agents. For undercover surveillance, detection and communication, Spy Net provides all the technology you’ll need to tackle any secret mission!

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Incredible Schleich!


Just in time to fill those Xmas stockings (or that something extra to bring your toys order up to $85 and grab our free delivery), Toys Paradise have a huge range of fantastic, collectible Schleich figures in stock.

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Go Fast—Go With Razor!


Razor are celebrating 10 years and over 20 million scooters sold, so you know you’re buying the market leader and the most trusted brand in scooters.

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Take to the Skies with Air Hogs!


This fantastic line of radio controlled, free-flying, and air-powered aircraft give you all the fun of controlled flight without all the expense and assembly of traditional radio-controlled hobbyist gear.

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Electronic Pets


Plush to touch and technologically advanced, these ultra cute pets aren’t as demanding as real pets as they don’t require feeding or walking and don’t make any mess.

They’re the perfect low maintenance fluffy friend for busy people!

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Mission Nerf-Possible!


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to NERF your opponents into submission!

Now you can get hold of an incredible arsenal of foam-or-water-shootin’ madness with the high-tech NERF range of weapons

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Zanybandz Fanz


Zanybandz is the totally cool, colourful and collectible craze sweeping the world!

Its fans include all ages—from preschoolers to adults—and they just can’t seem to get enough of Zanybandz.

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