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Zoobles Spring to Life!


Say hello to the Zoobles and the magical, mysterious world of Zooble Isle! Curled up in little balls and hidden high upon the treetops and in the depths of the seas, Zoobles are cute, quirky, colourful little friends who are full of mischief, and they love it when you pet them!

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Big Toys for Little Tikes


Little Tikes has been helping kids get up and grow for over 40 years! Their innovative products contribute to the physical and social development of infants, toddlers and preschoolers while stimulating imagination and inspiring creativity.

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What’s Hot: Playmobil Research Supply Boat


The Playmobil Explorer is a fine vessel, perfect for explorating of a paddling pool as well as a bathtub—it really floats!

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Cars 2: Up and Racing!


Cars 2 Is set to hit Australian screens late next month, and Toys Paradise is revving its engines to bring you a huge range of awesome Cars 2 toys in time for the movie!

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Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye!


Transformers are the incredible action toy that goes from strength to strength! The battle of the Autobots against the Decipticons has been raging for 27 years in comic books, animation, video games and films, and with the third film Dark of the Moon coming to cinemas in just a few months, the battle is hotting up once more!

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Cool LEGO Games


LEGO Games are the world’s first collection of games that you build, play and change. With the unique and very cool buildable LEGO Dice and changeable rules, LEGO Games is a great way of having fun together with family and friends.

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The World of Tomica


Discover a place where road and rail connect together and watch as hi-tech trains speed around the track, or travel around the city streets by car. Tomica brings together a network of trains and cars, with the freedom to build your very own Tomica Town.

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Lalaloopsy Dolls: Sew Magical, Sew Cute!


The Lalaloopsy were once rag dolls who magically came to life when their very last stitch was sewn. They each have different personalities that come from the fabrics that were used to make them. They live in a colorful, silly world with surprises around every corner, and with your love, their magic can go on forever!

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My Little Ponies and the Kingdom of Ponyville


If there’s one thing that almost all little girls love, it’s horses! There have been three generations of My Little Pony toys since they were first launched, and there’s no sign of the colourful little friends becoming any less popular.

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Gummix Insects are Yummix!


Gummix makes grossing-out your friends and family a fine art! The Gummix Wonder Laboratory allows your kids to make their very own jelly insects. Yep—that’s right—big, ugly, nasty-looking insects made of edible jelly. Urrrghhhhh!!!!

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