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Young Children Love Leapfrog


Leapfrog make award-winning educational toys, handheld electronic games for kids and interactive books for children. Let’s have a look at some of the awesome toys for younger children made by this innovative company.

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Leapster Explorer


Leapster Explorer is an amazing new learning experience that encourages children to discover something new every day. There are endless ways to play and learn—from games, e-Books, videos, and online play to customisable learning skills and more.

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Magnificent Mechanical Meccano


Meccano was invented in England in 1901 is now a household word and a much-loved and classic brand. Let’s have a look at some of the Meccano sets for all ages that are inspiring a whole new generation!

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Introducing Gomu!


Kids love to collect, trade and play with the latest thing, and small collectibles can also be the perfect little treat or reward. Introducing Gomu, the only collectible eraser with worlds of fun and collectability. They come in sets like pets and music, and there are heaps to collect!

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Radio Flyer Trikes and Tricycles


Every kid should have a tricycle when they’re growing up, and in this day and age when computer games are dominating childhood playtimes more and more, it’s especially important to buy toys that get kids active and playing outdoors.

That’s why a Radio Flyer trike or tricycle is the perfect present for young kids!

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Teddy & Friends Are Always There!


There’s no shortage of soft and cuddly bears and bunnies awaiting loving owners on our shelves right now—so give a fluffy friend a home! Teddy & Friends is 100% Australian owned and known for the cuddliest, cutest bears around.

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It’s a Hexbug planet!


Hexbugs are incredible little robot bugs that behave just like real bugs and react to touch and sound.

Grab the original Hexbugs in 5 different designs, or build a habitat and populate it with scurrying hordes of Nanobugs!

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Squinkies: Surprise Inside!


A Squinkie is a pint sized character—babies, pets, ponies, kitties and puppies—designed to fit into gumball shells and go into their very own gumball machine. They’re soft, squishy and always fun!

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The Ultimate Ben 10!


Once Ben Tennyson put on the mysterious alien device the Omnitrix, he couldn’t take it off. The Omnitrix gave Ben the power to transform into ten different alien life-forms, and whether he wanted to or not, Ben became a superhero!

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Building and Designing Toys


These two fantastic toy ranges are designed to stimulate kid’s imaginations. Instead of just buying a toy that’s a ‘one-trick pony’, why not get something that could one day lead to your child becoming a carpenter or fashion designer?

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