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Enjoy Your Experience with Yo Kai Watch


Yo Kai History Few games in the most recent couple of years have exceeded expectations at making me feel genuinely …

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Why should we encourage our kids to play outside


Playing outside All work and no play make Jack a dull boy and it is a hundred percent true. For …

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Vtech Toys


Toys Paradise is now offering more Vtech Toys than ever. Get your kids ready to learn more while playing! This …

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Nerf Guns Modulus

Nerf Guns

5 New Nerf Guns are available at Toys Paradise including the new Nerf Rhino Fire, Nerf Modulus CS 10, Zombie …

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FurReal Friends

furreal friends monkey

Discover all the latest Furreal Friends toys at the cheapest price at Toys Paradise, Buy interactive stuffed animal toys for …

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Lego Technic


Lego Technic is a line of Lego designed for the purpose of creating advanced Lego models with complex moving parts. …

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Beanie Boos 2015


Plush toys are a great gift for any child or even a young adult. On Valentine’s Day a plush toy …

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Five things that Collecting Teaches Kids


It would be rare to find a kid or adult that doesn’t have a collection of some kind.  I have …

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Top 12 Recommended Activities at Home for Spring School Holidays Part 2

Classic Kid Games Toys Paradise

Spring School holidays are one week closer and now it’s time to share our next 6 Top Recommended Activities for …

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Top 12 Recommended Activities at Home for Spring School Holidays Part 1.

Spring kids activities

Spring School holidays are only a couple of weeks away and while we like to plan some outings to the …

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