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What’s Hot: Pull Along Zebra


The wooden Pull Along Zebra by Plan Toys has a beautiful, stylised design that makes it not just a toy, but almost a work of art!

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What’s Hot: Splat Attack with Supasplat!


Supersplat!! Armed with your fantastic Supasplat paintball and water gun, you and your friends can take out any target on your personally designed blasting course! Of course you’d never start blasting your best mates, no ..

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What’s Hot: Beyblade Metal Fusion Burning Fire Strike 2-Pack


Turn up the excitement with these awesome customizable tops: Burn Fireblaze and Poison Scorpio! Choose among each top’s five pieces and use the assembly tool to engineer just the right performance.

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What’s Hot: Cuponk


The object: sink your ball into the cup and light it up. Get it in and you’ll hear the sweet sounds of victory. YEAH! You rock!!

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What’s Hot: Crazy Forts


Did you used to built forts out of bedsheets draped over the backs of chairs? I did—I think they even had secret passages! I wish we had the fantastic Crazy Fort construction kits back then!

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What’s Hot: Laser Challenge Pro Annihilator


The Laser Challenge Pro Annihilator is a 2 player laser tag game with electronic lights and sound. Blast your opponent with the laser that fires an invisible infrared beam!

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What’s Hot: Littlest Pet Shop Deco Pet Cat


Design the look of your pet to create a one-of-a-kind, super special-looking best friend!

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What’s Hot: LEGO Minifigs Series 3


With 16 all-new minifigures, Series 3 adds even more collectable figures to the growing LEGO Minifigure Collection! Each minifigure comes in a sealed mystery bag, so you never know which one you’ll get! Trade with your friends to collect them all!

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What’s Hot: Cuddlekins Jumbo Cheetah


You can have your very own jumbo-size, soft, cuddly cheetah at home with a Cuddlekin Cheetah. They’re so realistic you might even be tempted to feed them!

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What’s Hot: National Geographic Remote Control Tarantula


Scare your friends and family out of their wits with this amazing, award-winning National Geographic Remote Control Tarantula!

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