Building and Designing Toys

Building and Designing

Real ConstructionA really great toy is one that is not only a lot of fun to play with, but teaches kids skills and fires up their imaginations. That’s why classic such as Lego have remained strong favourites for decades.

These two fantastic toy ranges are designed to stimulate children’s creativity by giving them ‘building blocks’ to build and design. Instead of just buying a toy that’s a ‘one-trick pony’, why not buy something that could one day lead to your child becoming a carpenter or fashion designer? And despite the fact that these toys are marketed in a slightly old-fashioned way as exclusively for boys or girls, I certainly don’t see why girls can’t enjoy some building and boys can’t try their hand at designing outfits!

The Real Construction range of toys gives your child everything they need to get started sawing, nailing, screwing and building real things—out of ‘kid wood’, a durable foam!

This is a really clever idea that teaches real woodworking skills, but without all the mess and risk of injury; and kids can build things on their own without supervision, or with Dad while he’s woodworking in the shed. You can build a racecar, a house, an airplane—or just build something from your own imagination.

The perfect place to start building is the Starter Workshop, which comes with more than 50 pieces, including a guide book, hammer, saw, nails and kid wood. When you get really serious, grab the Deluxe Workshop, with 125+ pieces—hammer, screwdriver, detail saw, set square, hand saw, hole cutter handle, bores, screws, nails, hinges, guide book, and of course heaps of kid wood! Amazing projects like a tank, helicopter, semi-trailer truck and pirate ship will have the kids measuring, sawing, and hammering away like a professional in no time.

Of course there’s a range of great accessory sets—extra screws, nails and hinges, a ratcheting set, even a handy tool belt with pouches and tool holders, a retractable tape measure, a T-square level and a mini flashlight. The Miter saw and box allows you to saw at 45 and 90 degree angles. And of course, there are plenty of kid wood refill packs—the refill bundle pack, refill logs, 2×2 beams, and planks.

HarumikaIt’s so easy to design endless outfits and show off your fashion flare with Harumika Styling Sets. You just pick a fabric, wrap it around the dress form, and secure it, using the special stylus tool, with the Style Lock System on the back—you don’t need needles and thread! Then you can add stickers and rhinestones for a bit of extra pizazz—the possibilities are endless.

The Harumika Style Starter Set is the perfect way to begin for the fashion trendsetter in the making! Whether you want to create a new outfit straight from your imagination or recreate and embellish a favorite one, you have everything they need in the Style Starter Set. It includes a Harumika dress form and stylus design tool, signature fabrics, fashion accessories, a rhinestone sheet and fashion stickers to make fashion designing easy and fun.

Once you’ve caught the fashion design bug, there are lots of themed sets to explore. The On the Go Styling Set – Magical Nights lets you take your Harumika sets with you in the exclusive Harumika fashion tote, a cool accessory on its own, and includes formal-inspired and deluxe fabrics, fashion accessories, rhinestone sheet and fashion stickers. The Style Accents Sets supply trendy and up-to-the-minute fabrics and accessories to work with the dress forms in the Harumika Starter, Designer Dress Forms, Show & Go and Runway Sets (each sold separately): check out the Hip Star, Fash ’n Peace and Sweet Rose sets. Then take your designs to the international catwalks with the New York City and Japan Dress Form Sets.

As you can see, whether your child is into building things or designing the next fashion trend, Toys Paradise has the tools to get started!