Busy Little Gardeners

In this busy world of iPods, Wii’s, and mobile phones, it is a challenge to get kids excited about being outside. Getting the children involved in gardening is a good way to have some fun, learn and occupy them (while you yourself are busy gardening :)

The simplest gardening can be enjoyable and educational for children.  Gardening teaches kids many skills like responsibility, perseverance, patience and also make them follow a particular routine. When we reap a particular see into the soil, we have to water the seed regularly, take care of it every day and also have to make arrangements for its healthy nurturing. These activities are greatly related to our day to day life. When we grow up or become parents, the same skills are required to live a healthy life.

Moreover, the act of gardening also makes children conscious about the natural world, health and nutrition, different foods and nurtures good food habits among them. Gardening is one such activity that nurtures a healthy relation between the parents and their kids. It’s more about the time together and the chance to learn something new than it is about the actual results.

However, it may not be safe for them to use the main gardening equipment so you could get them some toys or children’s gardening tools to use instead.

Some of the very well known Gardening tools and equipment brands in Australia like John Deere & Victa have real but mini tools for kids which are absolutely safe and fun to use. You can find real cute lawn mowers, wipper snippers, hedge trimmers, garden & farm wagons, tool sets and so much more. 

It’s a good idea to give your child along with the tools a part of the garden to cultivate. This will make it more fun for the kids as they will have a sense of ownership, responsibility and achievement for the part they work on.  This way you can watch over the kids while you are at your gardening too, and teach them a new hobby and something constructive.
So, no matter the size of your garden or what you plant, get your hands dirty with the kids. The fun will keep growing all summer long.