“Can we fix it?” “Yes, we can!”

Bob the Builder lives in the seaside town of Fixham. Together with his business partner Wendy and his hard-working team of machines, Bob always has plenty of work to do for the town’s population. There’s always something that needs fixing in Fixham!

Fixham is a bright and friendly place where everyone knows each other and is always willing to lend a hand. Founded by the building pirate Brickbeard a long, long time ago, Fixham is a place with a vibrant history and, as Bob and his team often find, history and discovery are never too far away. Bob and his gang help with renovations, construction, and repairs and with other projects as needed.

Bob the Builder was nominated in the BAFTA “Pre-school animation” category from 1997 to 2009, and won the “Children’s Animation” category in 2003 for the special episode “A Christmas to Remember.”

Each of the characters has a varied and interesting personality that adds to the entertainment value of the show and its popularity with children everywhere.

Bob The Builder stories helps children to learn:

  • Realise the importance of teamwork in solving problems or finding the answer to a question.
  • Understand the importance of friendship and getting on with others.
  • Be inspired to find out more about the world around them – what things are and how they work.
  • Counteracting conflict & creating success.

Let’s meet the characters :)

Bob the Builder

Bob is our hard hat-wearing, hard-working builder and lead character of the show. As head of his own construction yard, Bob works with his machine team and his business partner, Wendy, to do what needs doing and have fun in getting it all done.

Bob’s positive approach and his natural leadership skills always inspire the team and make every job fun. However, no construction job is without its challenges and when a problem comes up, Bob and Wendy lead the talented team to a solution and overcome any setbacks. Can they fix it? Yes, they can!


Wendy is Bob’s business partner and good friend. At the office, she keeps the nuts and bolts of Bob’s business in order. On a worksite, she makes sure the team’s got all the equipment needed to get the job done.

Wendy is not afraid to get her hands dirty and helps out with all the construction work, whether that’s fixing a window or building a theme park ride. Wendy’s warmth and encouragement are always welcome and she is always around to help out, offer sensible advice and keep the building yard running smoothly.

The Crew

Scoop - Where there’s a hole to be dug or dirt to be moved, there’s Scoop the digger. He is the unspoken leader and ‘big brother’ of Bob’s crew and is able to come up with the big ideas that carry the team through to a job well done.

Muck - Muck is a big dump truck and likes nothing more than getting messy while carting supplies around. His ‘act first, think later’ approach can get him into trouble but he is always able to get back on track.

Lofty - Lofty is a tall mobile crane who is a little short on confidence and can be quite timid at times. He is useful to have around as he is big and strong and comes in handy when the team needs anything lifted up high.

Roley - Roley the steamroller is always on hand to help Bob when he needs a road smoothed or flattened. He likes to make up songs and raps, but no matter how fast the beat of his song, he likes to take life at a steady pace.

Dizzy - the most excitable machine in the yard, Dizzy is the cement mixer who is always spinning with curiosity and questions.

Other characters

Pilchard is Bob’s cat. She may not be good with tools but she is an important member of the crew. While she can sometimes get frustrated by the antics of other team members, they are all firm friends. Though she only speaks ‘cat’, she always gets her point across with a ‘miaow’.

Spud is Farmer Pickles’ scarecrow who doesn’t tend to spend much time scaring away crows as he’s not that good at it. Spud likes adventure and excitement and desperately wants to be a builder like Bob. His enthusiasm frequently gets him, and Bob’s projects, into trouble which means that Bob and his team often have to come to his rescue.

Bird - from his vantage point above the yard, Bird is in a perfect position to act as observer and look-out. He can only communicate in whistles and chirps, however, and these can sometimes be misinterpreted. Great friends with Roley, Bird shares the steamroller’s passion for music.

Farmer Pickles is a hard-working and a regular ‘salt of the earth’ guy. He is often busy with his farm but is always ready to help Bob out.


Hey we’ve got more! Let’s learn the Bob the Builders song & sing it while we get our job done! :)

Bob the Builder! Can we fix it? Bob the Builder! Yes we can!

Scoop, Muck and Dizzy, And Roley too. Lofty and Wendy.

Join the crew. Bob and the gang. Have so much fun.

Working together. They get the job done.

Bob the Builder! Can we fix it? Bob the Builder! Yes we can! (I think so!)

Pilchard and Bird, Travis and Spud. Playing together Like good friends should.

Bob the Builder! Can we fix it? Bob the Builder! Yes we can! (Yes!)