Curious brain with small hands & big yummy creations!

Cooking projects are a great way to feed children’s curiosity and their natural desire to explore the world—hands-on!

Now you can make moments in the kitchen even more fun with colorful utensils designed for kids to use safely and easily. Best of all, these are genuine, high quality tools in vibrant colours that any budding chef can feel proud of.

The Curious Chef collection of kid-friendly kitchen tools was born after years of development and real-world testing. They incorporate the elements of safety throughout their entire range and every piece in their collection is easy to grip and is sized for small hands.

Here are 10 reasons why you should do cooking activities with your children.

  1. Kids learn about nutrition and healthy eating while learning to cook.  The big fast food joints are always finding ways of grabbing kid’s attention and they are growing up with fast food and junk food at their fingertips. This is partly the reason why child obesity is on the rise! Teaching kids to cook will not only help equip them for a healthier, simpler life once they leave home. Moreover, kids will be more ready to eat what they make. Perhaps, it is the enthusiasm of creating something themselves.
  2. Create family time and memories to last a lifetime. It may take a longer time to get the meal or snack done but the moments you spend bonding with your children will be priceless.
  3. Cooking helps build their confidence and boos
    t their self esteem (and who doesn’t need a self esteem boost once in a while). They are accomplishing a task, learning something important and contributing to the family.
  4. Kids love the opportunity to feel grown-up, and cooking “just like mum and dad” makes kids feel really special. Give them the opportunity to do as much as possible by themselves with close supervision and you’ll be surprised at how responsible kids can be.
  5. They are working together as a team, whether it is with a parent or with a sibling to get the job done.
  6. Cooking teaches them planning and making choices.
  7. Kids learn real lessons in science, language, maths, measurements & volume. Cooking will help reinforce all these subjects!
  8. Children can learn more about the world through cooking. Choose a dish per month from a different culture – and then spend a little time learning about that country and why they eat the way they do? Why is it that so many hot countries enjoy spicy, chilli-rich meals? What meats are popular in certain nations and how does the way they eat differ from ours.
  9. Practice creativity and imagination. Kids cooking activities are a great way to express themselves and enjoy their creations.
  10. A valuable life skill that will help your kids forever. Especially when kids grow up and are on their own. They won’t have to rely on fast food and junk food to sustain them.