What’s Hot: Dora Swim and Splash Mermaid

Dora the Mermaid

Make bath time fun with the wonderful Dora Swim & Splash Mermaid!

Dora floats and swims; she has a wind-up seashell necklace that makes her tail move when the necklace is turned! Kids will love water play with this fun bath toy. This gorgeous mermaid has long, soft hair and comes with a comb to keep it looking shiny and luscious—it’s an ideal toy to keep your children occupied while they’re getting clean!

Dora the Explorer is a 7-year-old girl who’s always going on exciting trips to find something or help somebody. Dora always stays positive when she meets people, and doesn’t even hold a grudge against the mischievous fox Swiper, who continually tries to steal her things! Dora loves her family, though she’s always travelling so much she doesn’t get to see them as much as she’d like. She’s also very is fond of Boots, who became her best friend when she saved his beloved red boots from being swiped by Swiper. She loves sports, especially soccer, and she’s also very good at playing her wooden flute!

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