Drawing and Painting for Little Artists

Little Artists

Encouraging the creativity of little children is vitally important, not only because any child could be the next Rembrandt or Van Gogh, but because painting and drawing, and how to express yourself artistically, are skills that can bring fulfillment and satisfaction for a lifetime. So the first thing your little artist will need is some tools! Here’s where Toys Paradise can help, with our great range of artistic toys.

The Little Tikes Double Easel is a great canvas on which to start creating! This durable easel features two sides so children can practice their writing, drawing, coloring and painting together—and share their ideas! One side features a large clip that holds a 50-sheet pad of art paper (which is included), and the other is a chalkboard. Both sides have a built-in tray for paints, markers and other supplies. The easel comes with chalk and an eraser (other supplies not included).

The Crayola Beginnings: Tadoodles First Markers just might be your baby’s first experience with making art! These fun, colourful markers are easy to grip for baby’s little hands to make their first marks. They’re wibbly wobbly pen pals that will be your child’s new marker friends, shaped for a child’s first palm grasp and with no caps to lose. Crayola Washable Markers are non-toxic and washable, and come completely off clothes and skin.

Paint-a-PackAs kids get a bit older, they’ll be needing crayons, paints, stamps, and more! Crayola comes to the rescue again with Paint-A-Pack Poster Paints, packed with colours, colours, and more colors! This washable kid’s paint is ideal for arts and crafts, posters, and school projects. The paints are easy to apply with brushes, sponges, stamps, stencils, and other tools, and they can be used on almost any surface. A Paint-A-Pack contains 4 x 250ml washable poster paints plus 1 jumbo-sized brush.

As for crayons, you can’t go past Crayola Twistables Crayons, a pack of 12 crayons at require no peeling or sharpening. When the tips get worn down, just twist them up and you’re ready to keep on colouring! Plus, the clear plastic barrels keep them from breaking and make it easy to see how much color is left.

In fact, if you type Crayola into the Toys Paradise Search field it will come back with 74 fantastic, fun art-related products. There’s just too many to mention them all here! From coloured pencils to chalk and duster sets, washable watercolours to colouring books, Crayola has everything the budding artist could need.

Glow StationFor something different, have a look at the modern equivalent of the old red ‘Etch-a Sketch’ tablets many of us adults remember having as a child (they still make them by the way, in classic red, pocket and pink versions!) The Crayola Glow Station: On the Go lets your mini artist create glowing effects on a portable, convenient tablet with a carry case and storage functionality. Create amazing illustrations with light by using the light wand on the glow canvas to make luminous freehand drawings, or use the included stencils to make shimmering shapes and scenes. The drawings magically disappear over time, allowing new light-art to be created again and again. There’s even a special Toy Story version!

Any time is a great time for kids to start getting creative, so kit them up with some wonderful painting, drawing and sketching tools today, and watch your little artists express themselves!