Electronic Pets

Many fans of highly realistic electronic pets believe that they are much more satisfying to own than a real pet. Plush to touch and technologically advanced, these ultra cute pets aren’t as demanding as real pets as they don’t require feeding or walking and don’t make any mess. They’re the perfect low maintenance fluffy friend for busy people and those who live in small apartments. But having artificial intelligence doesn’t mean that these pets are all the same. On the contrary, each one has a unique personality and appeal.

Zhu Zhu Go Go pets
Hunter Toys’ Zhu Zhu Go Go pets range from endearing interactive hamsters to a wild bunch of critters including a skunk, hedgehog, racoon and bunny! They all have unique names like Mr Squiggles, Chunk, Num Nums, Sweetie, Jilly, Scoodles and Winkle and can coo, squeak, purr, chatter or gurgle.

Zhu Zhu Go Go pets accessories
You can also accessorise to create fantasy lifestyles for your pet, by adding playsets such as garages with cars, adventure balls, hamster wheels, a pizzeria, a funhouse or boat and even skateboarding ramps and slides for maximum fun. You can even transport your pets in style using snug carriers with matching blankets.

Sleep, Loving and Explore modes
As well as a handy Sleep Mode, Zhu Zhu pets have a Loving Mode—perfect for quiet relaxing times when snuggling with your pet. They also have an Explore Mode that triggers off many crazy sounds and wacky movements. All you need is a flat surface and lots of energy to keep up with their adventurous travels!

Adopt a FurReal Friend
Hasbro has a whole menagerie of cute and cuddly pets of all shapes and sizes as well. These FurReal Friends also look and sound very realistic. And you don’t just buy a FurReal Friend—you adopt one, just as you would a real pet or family member—while each pet comes with an adoption certificate.

Make friends with FurReal Friends
Choose from lovable options such as Snuggimals Puppy, GoGo my Walkin’ Pup, Kitten and Newborn Babies such as the Honeybear. If you want something a little more playful, then try one of the Frenzies. Choose from Captain Crash Racoon, Buster Bow Wow Puppy, Dash McFlash Hedgehog, Senorita Scamps Kitty or “Zip” McNutty Chipmunk. Playsets are available for FurReal Friends too, such as the Scoot & Scurry City that comes with a Tizzy Tumbles bunny and clothing accessories.

Electronic pets have a small carbon footprint
Compared to real pets, electronic pets like the Zhu Zhu and FurReal ranges are economical, low maintenance and have a small carbon footprint. As they’re all irresistibly adorable, it’s hard to choose just one, so why not collect them all? They make great companions and ideal gifts, but I guarantee it will be hard to give them away as they are just too darn cute.