What’s Hot: Eraser Art – Eraser Maker Deluxe Set

Eraser ArtThe Eraser Art—Eraser Maker Deluxe Set comes with 30 erasers strips in 6 colours for hours of eraser-making fun. Create large and small erasers in a range of cool themes!

Make amazing erasers with Eraser Art. New Eraser Art toys are the only erasers that you design yourself!

Select your favourite template and use the magic coloured strips to fill up your design. Then magically join them together and wow—you’ve created your very own eraser art. Make a bunny or a sundae, messages, a heart or a butterfly, all designed by you! It’s the new and magical way to create hundreds of unique and special erasers!

Not only is the Eraser Art set a lot of fun, but it’s creative too—and as well as collecting the erasers, you can use them! Your child will spend hours making their unique erasers in any shape and design they like.