Fireman Sam – He’s Everyone’s Favourite!!!

Fireman Sam is immensely popular children’s show and toy this year. Kids love Fireman Sam who is a courageous, brave and adventurous and well known for his emphasis on fire safety.

From emergencies at sea to disasters at the barbecue; from children being trapped on a cliff face to adults being stranded in the fog.  Fireman Sam & his crew are always there to save the day!

Herald Sun online news reported that a five year old boy reassured him mother shutting a door would help contain a fire in their kitchen because he has seen it on children’s television show Fireman Sam. He said, “Yes mum, that is what you do. You stop the oxygen.  I have seen it on the television show Fireman Sam”.

The characters in the Fireman Sam show live in a tight-knit community, and consist of Sam’s fellow fire-fighters-Penny, Elvis, and Station Officer Steele. The townspeople are a comical bunch of characters, such as Dilys Cost and her mischievous son Norman, Mike and Helen Flood, along with their good-intentioned daughter Mandy. In addition, there’s Sam’s brother, Charlie Jones the fisherman, who is married to Browyn, not to mention their twin children-Sarah and James. You will find a couple of other characters who make occasional appearances, and their names are Tom, who flies the helicopter for Mountain Rescue, and Trevor, the bus driver/delivery man. All of these characters make up a delightfully entertaining cartoon series that any child would fall in adore with, if they haven’t already.

Knowing this information regarding how outrageously well-liked Sam is, we now introduce Fireman Sam toys. Children can now bring their imaginary adventurous world into reality and role play with the character toys and playsets.