What’s Hot: FyrFlyz

Fyr FlyzPut on a light show from the palm of your hand with the nifty FyrFlyz!

This compact gadget is simple to use but tough to master! Whizz it through the air and you’ve got a ready made light display, or try out some of the cool moves you can use to create different shapes and patterns.

On target to become the latest playground craze, FyrFlyz are unique handheld toys that can be spun through the air to create rays of streaming light. Anyone can use the cool FyrFlyz, but can you perfect all thirteen of the tricks?

FyrFlyz are great fun for ages eight and up. Collect the whole set with the different colours of Nytfyr, Blue Angel and Cyclone versions!

Be the first of your friends to discover these unique gadgets—wow your pals as you whizz your FyrFlyz through the air in different shapes to create streams of coloured light!