What’s Hot: George the Interactive Giraffe

Rocking AnimalsGet rockin’ with George the Interactive Giraffe, a Mamas & Papas Rocking Animal!

George has three interactive modes of play and will provide hours of fun for your little one! There’s story time, song time and play time—a fun hide and seek game. Each of these modes is activated using the four interactive toys—a rainbow, apple, ball and a caterpillar—that are stored in the bag that hangs around his neck. By holding the toys to his mouth he will tell you a different story, sing a song or play hide and seek!

George encourages developmental skills such as speech, play, cognitive skills and lots more… he’s more than just a rocking horse, he’s packed full of activities! George encourages educational learning as well as playtime, and you you can store the toys in his pouch, hop on, and ride away!

Suitable for children from 9 months old, George is approximately 63 x 38 x 64cm in size, with a seat height of about 33cms. Requires 3 x AA batteries.

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