Introducing Gomu!


GomuKids love to collect, trade and play with the latest thing, and small collectibles can be also the perfect little treat or reward. Introducing Gomu, the only collectible eraser with worlds of fun and collectability. They come in sets like pets and music, and there are heaps to collect!

Not only that, but each eraser has a different Gomu point value. Mix and match your eraser colours or trade them with friends. The Gomu collector guide gives you information on every eraser so you know just what your collection is worth. There are 10 different themes and over 100 erasers to collect in series 1, with more coming soon. It’s not just an eraser, it’s Gomu!

Gomu erasers come in assorted sets of 6 (4 visible erasers and 2 secret erasers inside), sets of 3 (2 visible erasers and 1 secret eraser inside), or a single secret eraser pack. Each set comes with a Collector’s Guide.

Not only that, but Gomu erasers with multiple colours can be taken apart and even mixed with another eraser of the same type to make dozens of different combinations! And don’t forget—you can also use them as erasers at school!

Here’s the Gomu eraser series one checklist, so you can check off your Gomu collection and see how many Gomu points each eraser is worth—the higher the point value, the more rare and valuable the eraser is! If you’re lucky, you might even find an ultra rare silver or gold key!

Blue Bunny 80
Gray Bunny 230
Green Bunny 380
Orange Hamster 45
Pink Hamster 195
Yellow Hamster 345
Yellow Duck 65
Purple Duck 215
Blue Duck 365

Orange/Blue Sandal 20
Pink/Green Sandal 170
Yellow/Red Sandal 320
Yellow Sun Tan Lotion 10
Purple Sun Tan Lotion 160
Blue Sun Tan Lotion 310
Orange/Blue Surfboard 140
Pink/Green Surfboard 290
Yellow/Red Surfboard 440

Blue Elephant 150
Gray Elephant 300
Green Elephant 450
Pink Seal 135
Red Seal 285
Orange Seal 435
Yellow Penguin 130
Purple Penguin 280
Blue Penguin 430

Blue Woman’s Shoe 45
Green Woman’s Shoe 195
Red Woman’s Shoe 345
Orange Locket 55
Pink Locket 205
Yellow Locket 355
Blue Sneaker 50
Green Sneaker 200
Red Sneaker 350

Blue Blowfish 35
Green Blowfish 185
Red Blowfish 335
Orange Clownfish 40
Pink Clownfish 190
Yellow Clownfish 340
Pink/Yellow Seahorse 85
Red/Purple Seahorse 235
Orange/Blue Seahorse 385

Yellow Nail Polish 15
Purple Nail Polish 165
Blue Nail Polish 315
Pink Lipstick 30
Red Lipstick 180
Orange Lipstick 330
Blue Hairbrush 25
Green Hairbrush 175
Red Hairbrush 325
Blue Makeup Kit 510
Orange Makeup Kit 610
Pink Makeup Kit 710

Blue Picture Frame 15
Green Picture Frame 165
Red Picture Frame 315
Blue Television 125
Green Television 275
Red Television 425
Yellow Clock 30
Purple Clock 180
Blue Clock 330
Yellow/Blue Lava Lamp 505
Purple/Orange Lava Lamp 605
Red/Pink Lava Lamp 705

Yellow Record Player 70
Purple Record Player 220
Blue Record Player 370
Pink/Yellow Cellphone 90
Red/Purple Cellphone 240
Orange/Blue Cellphone 390
Blue/Orange Music Player 60
Green/Pink Music Player 210
Red/Yellow Music Player 360
Yellow/Red Game Player 535
Purple/Green Game Player 660
Red/Blue Game Player 735

Blue Highlighter 5
Green Highlighter 155
Red Highlighter 305
Pink/Blue Stapler 5
Red/Gray Stapler 155
Orange Stapler 305
Blue/Yellow Scissors 10
Green/Purple Scissors 160
Red/Blue Scissors 310
Yellow/Red School Bus 560
Purple/Green School Bus 660
Red/Blue School Bus 760

Yellow Microphone 40
Purple Microphone 190
Blue Microphone 340
Pink Amp 75
Red Amp 225
Orange Amp 375
Blue/Yellow Guitar 120
Green/Purple Guitar 270
Red/Blue Guitar 420
Yellow/Red Drum Set 550
Purple/Green Drum Set 650
Red/Blue Drum Set 750

Ultra Rare
Silver Key 1,000
Gold Key 10,000