Gummix Insects are Yummix!

GummixFor some strange reason kids just love to gross out their friends—and us adults too! From disgusting gloopy slimy mixtures to boogers and fake poo, there’s a big pile of pretty disgusting stuff out there that gives them the giggles and make us all go “urrrghhhhh!!!!”

Gummix makes grossing-out your friends and family a fine art! The Wonder Laboratory Base allows your kids to make their very own jelly insects. Yep—that’s right—big, ugly, nasty-looking insects made of edible jelly. Urrrghhhhh!!!! As simple as it is fun, the Gummix kits include a special gelatin powder and insect molds. Just mix the gelatin with soda or fruit syrup depending on the flavour and colour you’d like, and pour the mixture into the molds. The package includes a mixing cup, recipe cards, and four molds: a beetle, a crayfish (well, strictly speaking that’s a crustacean rather than an insect), a stag beetle and a sow bug!

The Wonder Laboratory DX (assorted colours and styles) includes a mixing cup, recipe cards and two molds, either a caucasus beetle, Asian giant hornet, larva, giraffe stag beetle, seven-spot ladybird and a praying mantis!

Finally, the Wonder Laboratory Single Pack (assorted colours and styles) includes a mixing cup, recipe cards, and there are three molds to collect: a tree frog (hmmm, amphibian, not insect), crayfish (yep, crustacean) and a rhinoceros beetle!

The great thing about Gummix jelly beasties is that they’re not only fun to collect and freak out your friends with, but the process of creating them is a lot of fun too—making them is like having your own mad biologist’s laboratory. Gummix bugs are gross, but they’re educational too. Parents, you might be encouraging a budding biologist in your family to learn about the animal kingdom as they create this fascinating assortment of weird and wonderful bugs … or you just might want to liven up your kids’ lunch boxes.

What kid wouldn’t want to find a big gummy stag beetle in their lunch!?