Happy Easter Colouring Competition Winners!!!

A very big thank you to all the participants of the Happy Easter Colouring Competition! We’ve had a fantabulastic response to our colouring competition and with more than 150 entries it’s been very hard for us to select 9 winners.

The entries were absolutely adorable and we loved how some kids went that extra mile and made cotton clouds & bunny tails, glued stickers & glitter. It was wonderful to see beautiful pictures with wonderful colour choices & contrasts.

So high 5 lil artists to great imagination & creativity!

I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them. ~Pablo Picasso

So giiiiiddy up peeps! Now it’s time to announce the winners! Each of the winners will receive a $100 worth Goodie Bag. You will be contacted by the Toys Paradise team for their address details. Click on the small pictures to see the entries at a big and colourful size.


Category 2- 4 Years:

Jaymee is 2 and a half years old and lives in Western Australia.

His favourite toy is Thomas The Tank & Roary The Racing Car.

Matthew Newman is 3 years old and lives in Queensland.

He loves cars.

Elise Elise Noonan is 4 years old, from Victoria and is a big fan of My Little Pony & Barbie dolls.

Category 5-7 Years:

Damian Damian Saric is 5 years old from NSW.

He is a little construction man and loves his LEGO.

Sophia Sophia is 6 years old from Victoria.

A mind full of creativity she seems to like solving mysteries & Scooby Doo.

Alexandra Alexandra Gibcus is 7 years old is from Victoria is also a winner!

Category 8+ Years:

Tara Tara Bursic is 8 years old from Victoria.

She says she coloured all day to do her best She loves Littlest Pet Shop toys.

Jesse Jesse Tran is also 8 years old. She is from NSW and her favourite toy is Zhu Zhu Pet.

Selena Selena is 10 years old.

She too is from NSW and being a big girl with big brains love to play Monopoly.

 Congratulations to all our winners!

For those of you who missed out on a prize this time, don’t worry, because Toys Paradise will be holding lots more special events and competitions in the near future! We look forward to your participation again :)