I could use a little Inkspiration…

Many years ago when I was a little girl I was obsessed with a toy called Doodle Bear. Doodle Bears were plush bears that you could write on with a washable marker. Inkoos are similar but cutesier plush for the doodle lovers of this generation. They are funny quirky characters with a taste for adventure, drawn to life with a little Inkspiration!

Draw, wash & redo – Draw, wash & redo – The circle of creativity and hours of fun continues!

Rated as one of the hottest toys in the US this year, Inkoos come in different colours, making them ideal for boys & girls. Each Inkoo comes with not just one but three amazing washable markers. These markers wash off in regular washing machine cycle & you can start all over again! You can draw, design & decorate Inkoos into anything you can imagine! If you need a boost in imagination, try the Inkspiration Wheel for tons of design ideas.  

Inkoos are great  travel & holiday companions. Kids can keep themselves entertained and occupied while they doodle their adorable Inkoos in the back seat of the car, on a flight or anywhere you can think of.  Don’t worry about losing the markers as the markers easily clip on to the Inkoo plush. They also double as snugly friends and pillows children can rest their heads on.

There are so many amazing toys in the market. However, any toys that can keep a child’s interest for long, has good playtime benefits, and can be used over & over again definitely makes it to the list of great value toys.

Watch out for the mini Inkoos & Blingoos Inkoos coming soon!!!