In the Park With Stuff Starting With Z!


Zyclone BlasterSummertime is the time for getting outdoors and running around, and Toys Paradise has a great range of fun stuff starting with the letter ‘Z’ to do down in the park or anywhere where there’s a bit of space.

Of course there are the classics like balls and frizbees, but why not try something different and grab yourself a couple of Zyclone Ring Blasters?

By the way, that reminds me of a joke—what do you get when you put a particle physicist, a machinist and a chicken farmer together in the same room? No, not very small mechanical poultry—you get a Zyclone Ring Blaster! After wind tunnel tests, prototypes made with high speed grinders and robotic painters, something called ‘Z-Spin Technology’ and a careful attention to the rings’ centre of gravity, the Ring Blaster and the next generation in flying shooting toys was born. Now you can blast giant soft rings on long-distance flights up to 30 metres!

Just load the ultra-light, brightly coloured foam Zing-Ring onto the Zyclone Blaster, pull back, twist, release and watch as the super accurate Zing-Ring glides across the park. The ring shape is perfect for catching on your arm, and the incredible accuracy of the Zyclone Blaster means you can impress your friends with all kinds of flying tricks.

For smaller-scale Zyclone fun indoors and out, there’s the Zyphoon Nano Blaster. It’s Z-Spin Technology in a compact size for hang-held flight performance. The soft, flexible airfoil rings launch up to 16 metres! Triggerless design for Spin-Point accuracy! Just pull back and watch the rings fly through the air!

Once you’re hooked on the amazing Zyclone experience, stock up with the Zyclone Ring Blaster 2 Ring Pack and the single Zyclone Ring Refill Pack.

Z-Curve BowTalking about amazing outdoor toys that start with the letter ‘Z’, all those little Robin Hoods out there should check out the Z – Curve Bow. The Z-Curve Bow is the longest-shooting bow around, launching arrows over 38 metres! and in case you’re worried about taking somebody’s eye out, don’t worry, because the Z-Curve Bow’s unique firing mechanism is easy to use and only allows for the soft, safe provided arrows to be used with the product—it’s impossible to shoot rocks and sticks and other harmful objects.

The Z – Curve Bow set includes 1 Z-Curve Bow, 2 Bounce-back outdoor arrows, 1 suction-cup indoor arrow, and 1 belt clip. Grab yourself a Refill Pack while you’re there!

So get down to the park, armed with a lot of cool stuff starting with Z!