Incredible Schleich!

Just in time to fill those Xmas stockings, Toys Paradise have a huge range of fantastic Schleich figures in stock.

The Schleich company was started way back in 1935 by Friedrich Schleich, and in the 1950s started to produce their world-famous range of figurines, starting with well-known comic characters like the Smurfs. Animal figurines began appearing in the 1980s, and since then Schleich has created entire play worlds populated by their carefully-crafted creatures and peoples—the Wild West, Knights, Elves, the lost world of the dinosaurs. Of course there is a wide range of domestic and wild animals too, for which Schleich is most famous.

It’s easy to see the difference in the quality of Schleich figurines, and why they are so popular worldwide. They are careful designed and tooled, and meticulously hand painted. They are great learning tools for young children as well—the design of their ‘real world’ creatures is as realistic and naturalistic as possible—and they are developed with the assistance and parents, teachers and children. Safety is extremely important for the Schleich company as well, which has rigorous requirements and procedures to ensure their products meet and exceed the highest quality control standards.

They’re also the perfect collectible—in fact the animals range is the leading animal collectible in the world.

Schleich are currently celebrating their 75th anniversary. Head over to their website to play their special anniversary online games.

Not only are Schleich figurines perfect for filling your Xmas stockings, but don’t forget they’re the ideal ‘something extra’ purchase when you want to bring your order up to the $85 total to qualify for free shipping!