Iron Man lives again!

As super-confident billionaire Tony Stark, you have revealed your identity as incredible metal-plated crimefighter Iron Man—now increase the arsenal of weapons and armour and your disposal with the awesome Toys Paradise range of Iron Man 2 merchandise!

Iron ManFirst, what self-respecting Iron Man fan would be seen without his Iron Man 2 Helmet? Gear up just like the mighty metal-clad warrior with this awesome headgear. Press the button to activate your slow-release visor; it slides into place to make you ready for action. Activate your light-up eyes so your enemies can see you mean business. Choose one of three different modes to head into battle: press the Quick Missions button to hear Iron Man say cool movie phrases like “Target engaged!” and “I am Iron Man!”; and your Battle Sounds button features power-up, flight and combat sounds. Finally, press the Combat Missions button to activate a mission from Stark’s J.A.R.V.I.S. computer. And if you’re still in training, there’s also the Iron Man 2 Hero Mask for the authentic Iron Man experience (without the bells and whistles)!

What would Iron Man be without his power source? Luckily, you have two versions to choose from— the Triangular Arc Light and the Circular Arc Light. Rev up your very own Arc Light and, as its ‘reactor’ light glows and battle sounds echo forth, you know you’re preparing to fight for justice. Attach the light to the center of your shirt, just where the metal-clad hero wears his, and you’re ready to defend the fate of the world!

Your next essential piece of Iron Man 2 kit is the 3-in-1 Repulsor. Slip on this glove to assume your super hero identity—motion-activated lights on your 3-In-1 Repulsor blaster alert you when your enemies come lurking. Awesome sounds will add to your excitement and their fear as the tension builds. Once you’ve got your target in sight, launch your four repulsion missiles! The amazing 3-in-1 blaster comes with glove and four repulsor missiles.

Iron ManNow that you’ve assembled the gear and prepared your weapons, it’s time to do battle with Iron Man 2 action figures! The adventure begins with the Iron Man 2 Movie Series Mark I—not the prettiest of Stark’s suits, but it’s still plenty tough enough to get the job done! The Mark I suit comes with a launching flamethrower accessory, three Armor Cards and a display stand.

Then it’s time to step up to the Iron Man 2 Movie Series Mark II, the first of the Iron Man armors powered by Stark’s second-generation mini-Arc Reactor.

A hot red-and-gold paint job was the key ingredient for the Iron Man 2 Movie Series Mark III, the most advanced piece of technology in Tony Stark’s arsenal. It comes complete with flip-up armour accessories, 22 points of articulation, plus a stand that holds both the figure and the three Armor cards included.

The amazing armour variants continue with the Concept Series—Deep Dive Armour for working in the crushing pressures of the ocean deeps; Power Assault Armour complete with missile launcher; or Hypervelocity Armour equipped with state-of-the-art stealth technology.

The Armour Tech series brings Iron Man to a new level—the Shockwave Mission Armour, Juggernaut Upgrade and the Negative Zone Upgrade are all specially-designed suits for the most extreme battlefield conditions and challenges!

Finally, for the ultimate in fast-driving, hard-hitting superhero action, equip Stark with his custom-built vehicles—the Iron Racers Armour Cycle and the Mark VI Red Vortex Racecar.

You are Iron Man! Strap on the high-tec metal armor and battle the enemies of humanity! The world needs an iron hero—and you’re just in time!