It’s a Hexbug planet!


HexbugsThe bugs are here! If you’re a science and science fiction fan like me, you’l be amazed at the fantastic Hexbugs! These incredibly cool little robot bugs are designed to react to touch and sound—when you set them in motion, they travel forward on their tiny rubber-tipped feet, but when they hit an obstacle or hear a loud noise, they back up in a half circle and move off in a different direction.

The two touch-sensitive antennae on a Hexbug’s head sense obstacles and direct them to reverse and change direction on their six articulated legs. Clap your hand, slap the table or make some other loud noise and your Hexbug will also stop and change direction. Watch the Hexbug scurry about like a real bug in response to your noise directions!

The five original HexBug Robotic Bugs come in five different designs and colours: black, green, blue, orange and red. Each measures approximately 32mm x 101mm x 25mm, and uses 1 AG13 button cell battery that comes included.

Micro HexbugThese awesome bugs have tinier cousins too— the HexBug Nano Micro Robotic Creatures. These little bugs come in 5 collectible colours—and in common, rare and ultra rare mutations. Their size and the way they scurry about and hop and flip over at high speed makes them particularly creepy and bug-like, especially in big swarms!

But the bug-friendly fun doesn’t stop there! You can build special habitats for your micro bugs. Get started with the HexBug Nano Starter Set, which includes 1 Hexbug Nano (with a rare mutation), 2 easy to connect curved pieces and 1 hexagon. With more starter sets you can start to build bigger and bigger worlds for your bugs to scurry about in.

With the HexBug Nano Habitat Set, you can really start developing an big bug-filled world. It includes 2 Hexbug Nanos, 4 curved pieces, 3 straight pieces and 3 hexagons.

All the pieces in the habitat sets are connectible, so join them together and build a huge world filled with your busy little bugs! All Hexbugs and their habitats are built tough too.

If Hexbugs don’t inspire the next generation of robotic scientists, well then—I’m a monkey’s uncle! Hold on …