It’s a Wahu Summer!

Wahu logoWe’re deep in the heart of summer, and that means breaking out your Wahu gear and getting outside to the beach or around the pool!

Wahu is Aussie born and bred—founded in Brisbane in 1999. The company has become synonymous with Australian beaches, with a product range and brand awareness expanding every year all over the globe to places such as South Africa, France, Canada, England, Hong Kong, America and NZ. The Wahu commitment has always been to create quality products that promote healthy outdoor activities for kids and adults alike, and to support Australian organisations and events who promote the same view.

Wahu products feature a revolutionary waterproof neoprene skin which makes them the sports product of choice on the beach, park, street or indoors—in fact, wherever you choose to play.

The Wahu Aussie Footy, the Wahu Beach Footy Ball or the 15cm long Wahu Beach Mini Footy Ball are light weight, durable, high performance products that are easy to pass, easy to kick and yet satisfy the performance demands of players of any age. Feature real laces and an airfilled bladder. Saltwater, sand, and moisture from wet grass are repelled by the neoprene skin—which means that Wahu products are never slippery, greasy or unpleasant to handle—and raised graphics give maximum grip! If you’re not into footy, check out the Wahu Beach Volley Ball, or the 16cm Wahu Beach Mini Soccer Ball.

Beach sports are fully covered by Wahu! Have a Wahu Beach Bash with this bat and ball combo, or get the family and friends together for a game of beach cricket with the Wahu Beach Cricket Set, containing bat, wicket base, 3 stumps, ball, and carry bag. How much beach fun can you have with that?

Stunt KiteGet up in the air with the 150cm Wahu Stunt Kite or the Wahu Aussie Beach Frisc Disk, a waterproof, lightweight, durable, high performance disc which is easy to throw, and easy to catch for players of any age!

While you’re having fun, don’t forget to take a break from the sun now and then under your Wahu Beach Shade. Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50+, a roomy 2m x 1.5m x 1.2m, and it pops up in 3 seconds!

When you’re at home and in the pool, Wahu has heaps of fantastic products to make pool-time fun-time, in great new Splatz designs. There are lots of cool games like the Wahu Pool Party Pool Ringz, the classic floating ring-toss game, made from soft and safe neoprene, or the Wahu Pool Basketball Set.

The Wahu Squirt n’ Dive Double Pack includes 2 Jet Streamers pump-action water blasters, and 3 Dive Balls—it’s a 2-in-1 pack that will double your pool fun! Hold the tail of the Jet Streamer underwater, squeeze the barrel, relax your grip to let it fill with water, then aim and sqeez hard to blast water up to 7.5 meters away! Or toss the Dive Balls into the water and watch them sink, twist and wiggle their way to the bottom, then dive in and see how fast you can grab them. The Dive Balls are great for building underwater skills and confidence; the fabric tails are easy to grab underwater and the balls are made out of rubber so they don’t damage or mark the bottom of the pool.

Run pool relay races or hone those dive and retrieval skills with the Wahu Pool Party Dive Sticks—a set of 4 weighted, brightly coloured sticks made from safe and soft neoprene, and excellent for building underwater swimming skills and confidence for young swimmers.

Aussie Big OWhen you’re getting around in the pool or in the ocean, Wahu inflatables and body boards are the go! At the pool, get in there with your Wahu Aussie Big O inflatable ring, or your Wahu Pool Party Pool Kickboard. Perfect for the beach, check out the 105cm Wahu Skirmish Body Board, featuring funky designs and great colours that make them a great choice for novices and serious board riders alike. The all new Skirmish Bodyboards feature embedded graphics that will not rub or fade, cross link PE foam rails, a deluxe padded wrist leash, a high quality EPS core and a HDPE slick base.

The Wahu Wave Tube Inflatable BodyBoard is perfect for catching that big wave! It’s lightweight, and made out of a tough laminated PVC with comfortable handle so you can hold on tight. Plus it comes with dual leash attachments so it can’t get in your way, and it rolls up for easy storage.

Check out a huge range of Wahu fun-in-the-sun products at Toys Paradise, and make it a Wahu summer this Aussie summer!