What’s Hot: Cuddlekins Jumbo Cheetah

Jumbo Cheetah

It wouldn’t be a great idea to cuddle a real cheetah—as the fastest land animal in the world, it would be very hard to catch one, and their natural habitats are Africa and Madagascar! Luckily, you can have your very own jumbo-size, soft, cuddly cheetah at home with a Cuddlekin Cheetah. They’re so realistic you might even be tempted to feed them!

75cm long, super-soft and unbelievably plush, under-stuffed to make them even more hugable, this high-quality soft toy by Wild Republic is sure to be cuddled and loved. And the authentic colours and markings and realistic design encourages learning about real cheetahs, and other exotic animals too!

Recommended for ages 3 and up.