Just 15 minutes of Brain Food!

Did you know that in 1945, the average elementary school student had a vocabulary of 10,000 words.  But today, children have a vocabulary of only 2,500 words. 

Research shows that children learn more in their first eight years than they do in the rest of their lives.  This is a powerful time to teach them to be readers and writers.

Reading books, no doubt is one of the most important things we can do.  Here is why your child should read 15 minutes every day. . . . Mathematically!



(Source: US Department of Education/ http://www.bpd3.org/km/readingnight.pdf)


If DAILY reading begins at infancy, by the time the child is  5 years old , he or she has been fed roughly 900 hours  of brain food!

Reduce that experience to just 30 minutes a week, and the child’s hungry mind looses 770 hours of nursery rhymes, fairy tales, stories and vocabulary development.

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