Just like a Real P♥ny!

Little girls can be very nurturing and caring. They all go through a “pet phase” which follows constant persuasion, promises for taking responsibility, excitement and enthusiasm.  In most cases after the pet arrives, it becomes mummy or daddy’s responsibility! LOL! As much as a pleasure a pet can be they can be very expensive and inconvenient to have.  They need a lot of attention, training and care. Phew!

But hey! What if all this could all be avoided and your girl could still have a pet? Not just a pet but a baby pony?!?!  To have a pony as a pet is an absolute dream come true for little girls!!! No need to have a farm, back yard or a veranda. This miniature pony lives with you and your little girl in your home and in her room! How good is that?

Let me tell you more.

The Furreal Friends Baby Butterscotch pony is a very special pony which gives young girls the experience of owning a show pony. It’s soft and cuddly, a darling filly that responds to touch and makes sweet pony sounds to let you know how happy she is.

She has special sensors on the sides of her head, her muzzle and on her body. She’s so smart that when you touch her she will move her head toward you and she’ll whinny to say hello!  She’s so loving that when you cuddle her she’ll nuzzle into you and make pony sounds to show you how much she loves you. She’ll also respond by moving her ears, and when you speak to her she’ll respond with sweet pony sounds!

She comes with her own brush so you can groom her beautiful mane and coat to look terrific in the big pony show. You will notice that she loves to be brushed!

What is absolutely adorable is that when Baby Butterscotch pony is hungry & you can give her very own carrot you can listen to her happily make chomping and nibbling sounds. Just like a real pony!

Then you can pose your pony’s legs so that she will lie down by your side after a long day and a job well done. 

How good is that? It’s amazing to see what technology can give us these days. A clean, carefree, life-like pet is every parents and child’s dream come true. ;)