What’s Hot: Kung Zhu Pets Special Forces Armor: Dune Tracker

Kung ZhuThe Kung Zhu Pets Special Forces Armor: Dune Tracker (pictured Kung Zhu Pet not included) is a must have for your Zhu Zhu Pets collection! Power up your Dune Tracker Body Armor with the almighty Tablet of Zhu. Lose your weapons during combat to create obstacles and trip up your opponent. The Ninja Warriors are sure to fear the stealthy sword and assault weapon!

Kung Zhu Pets are warrior hamsters that are far from being the cute and cuddly Zhu Zhu Pets that everyone fell in love with. But make no mistake, these ultra cool, tough pets will be a sure competition to the original Zhu Zhu Pets! With eight original characters split into two battling groups called Special Forces and Ninja Warriors, Kung Zhu Pet owners will have the thrill of training each character to transform fighting, battling warriors. While these Kung Zhu hamsters may start ‘cute’ and ‘mild-mannered’, once they are sent into their main training grounds, smart chip technology actually allows you to hear a distinct personality transformation of fighting ninja and warriors. Once transformed, you can arrange ultimate battles between your Special Forces and Ninja Warriors Kung Zhu Pets!

The Special Forces Kung Zhu army includes Stonewall, Sergeant Serge, Rock’O and Rivit. These tough hamsters will evolve into Special Force Warriors after training in either the Alpha or Bravo training grounds with different weapons, armors and defense technology. In the meantime, your Ninja Warriors—Yama, Azer, Drayko and Thorn—will transform into rough fighters after training in their Samaurai and Ninja grounds using their own weapons and armors.

Collect them all for your very own Kung Zhu Battle!