Leapster Explorer

Leapster Explorer

Leapster ExplorerLeapster Explorer is an amazing new learning experience that encourages children to discover something new every day. There are endless ways to play and learn—from games, e-Books, videos, and online play to customisable learning skills and more.

With a library of more than 35 games and activities including cartridge games and downloadable learning apps, children can learn school skills like reading, maths, science, geography, creativity, music and more! Go on exciting adventures with popular film and TV characters such as Ben 10, Woody from Toy Story 3, Dora the Explorer, Disney Princess, Penguins of Madagascar and more!

Leapster ExplorerThe Leapster Explorer handheld features a big, bright touch screen, hi-res graphics, a stylus to practice writing, and a powerful processor that allows for action-packed game play. Skill levels continually adjust for the optimum challenge in each subject and the handheld remembers your child’s level from game to game.

Plus you can expand the fun and learning in LeapWorld—a safe, online world of learning games and activities especially designed for children. Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog Learning Path to see what their child is playing and learning, and explore ways to expand their child’s learning journey.

Don’t forget to grab a sturdy Leap Frog Leapster Explorer Case; and there’s also a Tote Bag available— a fashionable bag for girls to carry and store their Leapster Explorer. There’s even a matching pink version of the Leapster! Other carry cases are the Messenger Bag and Handheld Case.

As for games, Toys Paradise carry a great range, and here are just a few:

The Penguins Of Madagascar teaches addition, subtraction, animal facts, counting, more than/less than, shapes, sequencing, and problem solving. Go on four training missions to rescue plush toys, rise to the challenge and sharpen your mathematics skills. From HQ choose a mission, play games and solve puzzles to overcome obstacles and outsmart Zookeeper Alice. Watch out for King Julien who’s on his own mission to cause mayhem! Once you’ve restored order in the zoo, learn about endangered animals in Animal Fact Finder and unlock new animal fact cards for more learning fun.

Join Rapunzel and the lovable thief, Flynn Rider, on an adventure through the Kingdom as they untangle the mystery of a sky full of magical lanterns in Tangled. This Rapunzel learning game based on the hit Disney movie teaches spelling and reading skills.

The Globe Earth Adventures game sends you on an awesome interactive adventure as you take your airplane around the globe to complete missions, find treasure and learn about geography, cultures and more! The game teaches geography, map skills, world culture and animal facts, and expands your knowledge of animals, geography, cultural facts, map skills and more, with games that use actual photos of locations, animals and landmarks around the world.

Everybody loves the crazy SpongeBob Squarepants! The SpongeBob Squarepants game sees Sandy Squirrel missing, kidnapped by the nefarious Master Udon, the karate master of Ninja Castle—she needs a hero to step up! Enter Spongebob Squarepants and his Fists of Foam, ready with karate and mathematics skills to defeat the evil Master Udon and rescue his friend!

Ben 10 is incredibly popular with young boys, and in the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien game you must defeat evil in this combat adventure where fighting mutated life forms goes hand in hand with geography and life science learning. Ben 10 uses the powerful Ultimatrix to alter his DNA and transform into different alien forms, and with their skills and unique abilities you must stop a sinister genetic plot that threatens all life on our planet!

In the Toy Story 3 game, play as Buzz or Woody as you use your phonics skills to move your way around this interactive board game and compete in 15 challenging missions! Race to collect letter blocks to spell words before your opponent, or complete missions by reaching goal markers. Play challenging mini-games to collect letters and reveal shortcuts along the way. But watch out for Lotso’s traps—they’ll slow you down!

In all of these great games—and the many oithers available from Leap Frog—you can earn badges for your achievements as you play, which can then be converted into LeapWorld tokens where you can customise your game. Or use your tokens in LeapWorld where you can adopt a pet, play games and earn rewards.

Camera & VideoTurn the Leapster Explorer handheld into a digital camera and video recorder with the Camera & Video Recorder! Kids can take pictures and personalize them and shoot movies for music videos. Eight activities encourage creative expression, explore emotions and help build skills with letters, numbers and shapes; take, store and edit up to 1,000 photos; stretch, stamp and draw on pictures to personalize them; create puzzles or use photos to tell a story; and turn photos into characters to zap letters or numbers in fun activities.

The Leapfrog Kid’s Headphones are specially designed for kids, so kids can take their learning adventures on the road—or anywhere they go!

The Leapster Explorer comes with a Leaplet learning app download card and pet game, and is perfect for children ages 4 to 9 years. Discover something new every day, and join your kids on an exciting interactive learning journey!