LEGO® Friends, she’s pretty!

LEGO® has been one of my favourite toys since I was a lil’ girl and with the introduction of the new  LEGO® Friends it has made it’s way right to the top of the list! As girls we’ve always played with the regular LEGO® toys and as much as we were happy building these you will be delighted to see this exciting new range.

After four years of researching, designing and testing, this new line aimed at girls aged 5 and above has more detailed sets, more realistic minifigures, a brighter colour palette, role play opportunities and “a story line” that girls would find interesting.

They fit perfectly with all existing LEGO® accessories and bricks — a massive improvement on the failed Belville range, with it’s oversize, non-customizable figures. Their hands can hold all the same cups, tools and, should you want to, weapons, that you already own; their hair is swappable with regular minifigure styles and hats; and they can stand on regular blocks perfectly. How cool is that?

There are five main characters, a group of unique girls from Heartlake City who’ve come together to form the Friends Club.  

Meet Mia – All the girls have pets, but none are as enthusiastic about animals as much as Mia. She loves animals and spends her time volunteering at the vet.

Emma –She’s got a keen eye for style and creativity and does her job best as a beautician.

Andrea – I like to call her Miss Pop star! She’s a born-to-be singer and songwriter.

Stephanie - The “social girl” – A friend everyone loves to have.  She is an organized party planning queen.

Olivia – She is a science fanatic. She has her own awesome garage complete with a microscope, a little robot, math equation and purple tools!

These girls are grabbing a milkshake at the cafe, or going for a swim at the park, the Friends are always having a good time!

Research has consistently shown that playing with LEGO® toys accelerates childhood development, and is upheld as a gateway to math, science and engineering fields, promoting spatial memory, spatial design and of course imagination. LEGO® Friends delivers all of this integrating it with a girl’s desire for realistic role-play, creativity, and a highly-detailed, character-based world” and apparently girls also desire “more beauty… accessories… and interior building.

LEGO® Friends is the first 100 percent LEGO® building experience fully optimized to girls’ tastes and interests. Woohoo!!! ;)