LEGO® Super Heroes – A foray into fiction!

This video took me straight back to my childhood where we all once lived in a world of imagination. Where everything around was transformed into something exciting & fascinating – A stick could be my sword, pebbles could be gold coins and a torn piece of paper could be the important piece to the missing map! A mundane day just meant one more adventurous story, a mystery, a time to be a hero!

LEGO® has done a fantastic job by making bricks more than just construction sets. Although LEGO®  previously had released some DC Comic Characters, they had never created an entire DC Super Hero LEGO®  series and they had never produced Superman, Superwoman, Captain Marvel, Green Arrow or Green Lantern LEGO®  sets. These were all favorite DC Comics characters that were not but finally are available in LEGO®  form. 

This latest series of LEGO® Super Heroes is a dream come true for kids, making play time run wild with imagination, creativity & fun! – Show the world the power of your imagination!!! Who is your favourite Super Hero? & What’s your story?