LEGO Technic!

Is there anything LEGO can’t do?

Back in the dim, distant past when I was a kid, I can remember when something happened to LEGO that was so utterly revolutionary that it single-handededly changed the face of what you could do with LEGO. They put a battery in it! Suddenly, LEGO wasn’t just a bunch of blocks you could build things with, it had the potential to be moving cars, and trucks, and robots, and … well, all the things that LEGO is today.

The ultimate expression of what LEGO is capable of has to be the LEGO Technic series—amazingly detailed and beautifully engineered expert-level models that have a myriad working pieces and complex moving parts, power packs, gears, wheels, and even pneumatic components, electric motors and remote control! This series started in 1982, on the company’s 50th anniversary, and evolved from their previous Expert line. Today there’s a fantastic range of truly impressive Technic models, so let’s check some of them out!

Flatbed TruckHit the road to transport vehicles everywhere with the Technic 8109 Flatbed Truck!

When it’s time to transport a vehicle, the super flatbed truck is the perfect choice. Steer it into place and use Power Functions to raise or lower the motorized flatbed to load a vehicle onto the truck with the winch. Or use the Power Function to extend the wheel lift to tow another vehicle. Plus, it rebuilds into a smart airport catering truck! Measures 40cm long and 15cm tall.

Reach up high with the Technic 8071 Bucket Truck! Steer it into position, extend the outriggers to stablise it, and use the articulated and rotating arm to position the bucket right where it’s needed. This great truck also features opening doors and rebuilds into a Forklift. Measures over 27cm long and 15cm tall.

If you want something with a little more power, you can’t go past the Technic 8052 Container Truck Picking up or droping off a container is no problem for this heavy-duty motorized container truck—here’s no haul this truck can’t handle! Use the Power Functions motor and linear actuator to raise and lower the container or to unload and load the container from the back of the truck. Rebuilds into a Tipper Trailer. The Container Truck measures over 33cm long.

The Technic 8067 Mini Mobile Crane is a compact mobile crane that’s packed with functions and hard-core hauling power—just like the real thing! Steer it into position and then raise, lower, turn and extend the boom to move even the heaviest loads. Remember to extend the outriggers to stabilize it for extra big jobs! Rebuilds into a tow truck and measures over 20cm long and 28cm tall.

Technic BuggyThe Technic 8048 Buggy is built for bouncing over rugged terrain, with its working four wheel suspension. Move the buggy and watch the pistons of the V4 engine move in and out. Use the functional steering to guide the buggy around obstacles and open the cab roll-cage to look inside. And it rebuilds into a powerful tractor!

And while we’re on the subject of speed, you can’t get much cooler than the Technic 8070 Supercar, full of working features and functions, just like the real thing! Use the built-in Power Functions to open the scissor doors, extend the rear spoiler and pop the hood to reveal the realistic V8 engine. Also features gear wheel steering, realistic suspension and moving pistons. Rebuilds into a Hot Rod for another challenge! The Supercar measures over 45cm long and 20cm wide.

Take to the skies and carry out daring aerial rescue missions with the highly realistic Technic 8068 Rescue Helicopter! Turn the gear wheels to spin the main and tail rotors simultaneously, open the doors and lower the winch to make the rescue. Then operate the retractable landing gear when landing. Rebuilds into a medical helicopter.

This is just a taste of the amazing range of LEGO Technic models. Not only do you get awesome functionality with these models, but you get 2-in-1 value as well, as they all rebuild into alternate vehicles. When you’re ready for the next level of challenge, it’s time to go LEGO Technic!