Liv Dolls Rule!

The Liv dolls are a fun new range of fashion dolls that take six to ten year old girls into the fun, fashion-filled world of Sophie, Katie, Alexis, Daniela, and Hayden. They’re best friends; normal teenagers with great senses of humour, dealing with everyday life and the normal ups and downs that teenage girls can relate to. They’re not perfect, and they’re not bratty—they’re real girls with real personalities!

Sophie lives for the latest hair style and loves helping her friends change up their looks. She’s really into her hair and she wants to be a stylist for the stars—if only she could stop losing her glasses!

Katie is a cute brunette who lives for the thrill! She’s sporty and adventurous, but take away her wheels and she’s a total klutz! She’s into extreme sports, skate boarding, cycling, and long distance running.

Alexis lives for fashion, her puppy, and loves to dress her friends. She’s a fashionista and loves shopping and putting together special outfits for her friends; and she plans to one day run her own fashion company—she’s already learning at her part-time job in a trendy boutique.

Daniela totally lives for the music and she’s dreaming big—she even has a drum kit! She loves singing, acting and dancing and her buddies are her biggest fans. She wants to hit the big time, but she won’t forget her Liv doll friends when she gets there!

Hayden is the newest member of the gang—she just moved into the neighbourhood and is just crazy about animals. Especially a bunny she rescued while staying at an eco-lodge. She even runs an pet adoption service!

Each teen has a detailed backstory that kids can get involved with on the LIVworld website. There they can check out the ‘webisodes’ about the Liv girls’ lives, read their diaries, and play games. They can dress their favourite doll in lots of different outfits from the virtual wardrobe, then take photos of them and paste them into their own personal online scrapbook to show to all their best friends. Each Liv purchase, including accessories, playsets, and fashion packs, unlocks additional online features with a special access code.

There are a lot of special practical things about the Liv girl dolls too—fourteen points of articulation for lots of posability, detailed, trend-setting fashions, insertable eyes, and different wigs (short and long) so you can create lots of different funky styles. There’s also cool accessories like wigs and a special carry case.

Check out our fantastic range of Liv dolls and accessories.