Meccano Space Chaos!

Space Chaos

When we last took a look at Meccano, we saw how this incredible construction toy had evolved from humble beginnings in 1901, through becoming a classic brand, and into an exciting new world of complex models—and even a remote-controlled robot. But Meccano continues to evolve, and now a new adventure begins as the Meccano Space Chaos range blasts Meccano into a sci-fi universe of spaceship combat!

Space Chaos is a futuristic collection of drones, patrols , raiders, bombers, fighters, commanders and destroyers. Each model comes with stickers to add to the ship and trading cards showing the unique powers of each spaceship. A secret code found on each trading card can be entered online to access lots of extras including wallpapers, posters, transformation cards, combat cards and the game board to play the Space Chaos card game.

The year is 10110, and peace has returned to the galaxy thanks to the Galactic Union and the discovery of the awesome powers of the Green Crystal, which changes the laws of the Universe. But enemies wish to steal this great treasure— the mutant war vessels of the Dark Pirate army! To protect it, the Union creates an elite fleet—Silver Force! Whether you choose the ships of the Silver Force or the evil Dark Pirates, the advanced space vessels of both sides have the power to transform and combine their configurations to meet any combat threat.

Patrol ShipEach side in the conflict has at their disposal the following designs: the Drone, Patrol, Raider, Bomber, Fighter and Destroyer/Commander—but each ship can transform into one or more different configurations, and you can also combine ships to create fantastic new ship designs!

But there’s more! Each ship comes with trading cards which you can collect to play two different card games: Flash War and Ultimate War. Each vessel has unique powers. Enter your secret code online and download the cards for your transformed ships, the battle cards, and the game rules.

Let’s have a look at some of the advanced technology at your disposal in the ultimate space war! On the side of good and the Silver Force is the 110 piece Silver Force Fighter with light effects, the Patrol Ship, the Raider, the Drone Ship, and the ultimate ship, the 270 piece Silver Force Destroyer that comes with light and sound effects and a missile launcher.

The Meccano new Space Chaos Silver Force Fighter was chosen by the British Toy and Hobby Association as one of the Best in Show Construction Toys at this year’s London Toy Fair 2011.

The evil forces of the Dark Pirates are ranged against them: the 140 piece Fighter with sound effects, Patrol Ship, Raider, Drone Ship, and 150 piece Commander with light and sound effects.

Whichever side you choose to play, the future of the galaxy is at stake—and the chance to bring order, or throw the union into Space Chaos!