Mighty Beanz Rock ‘n Roll!

Mighty Beanz

Mighty Beanz! Play ’Em! Race ’Em! Collect ’Em! Mighty Beanz perform amazing tricks and flips! Race your Mighty Beanz at high speed down any tilted surface! Mighty Beanz are a collectable family of the coolest bean shaped characters that jump, dance and even do back-flips!

Mighty Beanz are crazy and wacky plastic bean characters that belong to different ‘Bean Teams’. Each Bean Team has a different rarity level—common, rare, or ultra-rare—and they all feature wacky character artwork. And there are over 100 different beanz to collect!

A massive hit the first time around, Mighty Beanz have recently been relaunched by Moose Enterprises, an Australian toy company based in Melbourne. They’re not only highly collectible—of course, there are some very rare ones that particularly difficult to find, including the ultimate ‘Moose Bean’—but they’re great fun for race, playing games, and performing tricks! Instructions for different games are included.

Mighty Beanz are sold in 3-packs, 6-packs, and 10-packs. A 3-pack contains 1 rare bean and 2 common beans; a 6-pack contains a Mega Bean, 1 rare bean, and 4 common beanz; and a 10-pack contains 8 commons, 1 rare and an Ultra Rare Mega Bean.

Mighty Beanz 6 Pack (Series 2) and Mighty Beanz 3 Pack
Expand your Mighty Beanz collection with these beanz packs! There’s also a mini poster included. The three- or six-pack is an excellent way to start or even expand a Mighty Beanz collection, but why not really get it going with the Mighty Beanz Slam N Smash Race Track, Mighty Beanz Flip Track or the fantastic Collectors Case.

Beanz Race TrackMighty Beanz Slam N Smash Race Track Play Set
Are you ready to roll? Slam your hand to start the race. The beanz hit the track roll for the finish line—don’t stack! Out of my way! Roll your Mighty Beanz around the race track and win!

Mighty Beanz (Series 2) Extreme Flip
Mighty Beanz perform amazing tricks and flips, and you can race your Mighty Beanz at high speed down any tilted surface, but with the Flip Track and your Mighty Beanz you can play games, do tricks and acrobatics! Includes a Flip Track, Trick Piece (Roller Rail), Tricks booklet and 1 special edition bean.

The Mighty Beanz Collector Case is the way to transport your growing collection of Beanz, and be the envy of your Beanz-collecting friends! This sturdy red plastic case safely protects and stores 50 of your favourite beanz—plus it comes with 2 exclusive, limited edition Mighty Beanz and a Collector’s Guide!

Mighty Beanz are a collector’s dream—with over 100 to collect, including Music Beanz, Zoo Beanz, Horror Beanz, Sport Beanz and more, there’s a bean for everyone! Find Common, Rare and Ultra Rare Beanz, collect them, display them, race them!

And, to further fuel the frenzy, only 1,000 super lucky kids will get their hands on the super rare Mighty Moose Bean—the rarest of the rare Beanz. So start collecting now!