Mighty Samurai Power Rangers!

Power Rangers

CyclePower Rangers is one of those entertainment franchises that has lasted for decades and has become a firm favourite with generations of kids. As of this year, the Power Rangers have appeared in 19 seasons of television and two feature films since their debut in 1983, and this year sees a new series called Power Rangers Samurai. So the mighty Power Rangers show no signs of slowing down!

The Power Rangers are a team of young people with the power to morph into superheroes with special powers and pilot huge assult machines called Zords. Different rangers can be distinguished by their colour-coded skin-tight battle suits and distinctive helmets, though they all have super-strength, durability, and powerful hand-to-hand combat skills to aid them in their battles against evil, as well as an unique special weapon each!

Your kids can recreate some of the awesome Power Rangers adventures, and create endless ones of their own, with our fantastic range of Power Rangers Samurai toys that bring the latest series to life! These new Rangers have a sleek Samurai look and are a must for kids and collectors alike.

The articulated Power Rangers figures have a sleek Mega Mode style, as seen in the TV series, making all the Rangers stand out from the rest of the pack. Each Ranger figure includes a Mega Blade accessory and special unique weapon so the rangers are ready to battle. Crafted with great detail and quality, kids and collectors can play or display their favorite Power Rangers figure in their own environment to recreate scenes from the TV show. This 4″ figure is the perfect addition to your Power Rangers collection—collect them all!

Check out the 4″ Mega Ranger Mooger Figure, or the 4″ Mega Ranger Forest Figure who, like his Zord the bear, is a creative and a bit of a rebel whose element is forest. The 4″ Mega Ranger Fire Figure is red and the leader, and at home in his element of Fire and battles on his Zord the lion, while the 4″ Mega Ranger Water Figure’s element is Water and his Zor is a dragon. Yellow 4″ Mega Ranger Earth Figure is innocent and sweet, and the youngest of the Rangers. Her element is earth and her Zord an ape.

The Switch Morphin figures let you transform the teenagers from street mode into their Ranger masks instantly. Switch Morphin – Blue Ranger and Switch Morphin – Red Ranger are fully poseable 16cm high action figures—the dark forces of the Netherworld won’t stand a chance against these Rangers and their fearsome samurai swords!

When you want to get to the centre of the action quickly and defeat evil in style, you need the futuristic Power Rangers Cycles. Each cycle features a spinning disc just like in the TV show, as well as a 4″ action figure. As part of the ZordBuilder collection, you can collect and combine the cycles with the deluxe Megazord (sold separately) for added power—so you can build your own unique Megazord with the ultimate powers to blast away evil. The Disc Cycle Fire comes in ‘go faster’ red and the Disc Cycle Water in cool blue.

MegazordThe Power Rangers iconic Megazord returns with a sleek Samurai look! This mighty construct consists of 5 individual Zords (Lion, Dragon, Bear, Ape, Turtle) and, as seen in the TV series, the 5 Zords combine to become the almighty Megazord! A must have for both children and collectors for the past 19 years of Power Rangers history! As part of the ZordBuilder collection, the Deluxe Megazord combines with the Samurai cycles and Zord vehicles (all sold separately) to create the master Megazord! And there’s a bonus feature for collectors—you can also combine with the 2010 Mighty Morphin Zord vehicles and cycles!

Each Zord vehicle comes with a posed MegaMode Ranger ready for battle; or you can have any of the 4 inch Power Rangers figures riding on your vehicle. The BeetleZord and TigerZord each features their own unique power when rolling across the ground, each specially designed to seek out and defeat evil villains. Plus, collect all 3 Zord vehicles and combine together to create a special giant bird-like zord from the TV show!

Spin SwordThere’s also some very cool Power Rangers gear that can make children the heroes of their own adventures! Reenact the morphing abilities seen in the TV series with a flip of the cell phone Samuraizer Morpher, and click of a button as it empowers kids with messages from the Power Rangers!

And finally, harness the pure good and carry the responsibilities bestowed upon Rangers with the essential Power Rangers Samurai Spin Sword, wielded by all the 2011 Power Rangers! Spin the disc as seen in the TV show. The reflective surface of the sword shows the powerful action of the zord when the disc spins. Watch the cool Zord from the disc come to life in an animation sequence!

Whether you’re a fan of the classic origins of this much-loved series, or a child just discovering the mighty powers of the Rangers for the first time, the Power Rangers toys are MIGHTY!