More Incredible LEGO!

In the first article on our big range of LEGO products, we had a look at LEGO Atlantis, LEGO Games, and LEGO Star Wars. But what other amazing LEGO creations are on offer? Lots more of course!

The LEGO City range is the perfect thing for all those young town planners out there. In fact, there are just about enough LEGO City cars, buildings, boats, farms, trains and planes to plan the net mighty metropolis! What kid wouldn’t love their own LEGO FIre Station full of brave fire-fighters ready to handle any emergency? Run out of the living quarters, slide down the fireman’s pole and hurry to the garage where the fire truck and rescue truck are waiting to go. Put the flames out and use the truck’s ladder and jump sheet to rescue anyone stuck upstairs! That’s one emergency down…now what about that kitten stuck up in the tree? The Fire Station set includes fire station, fire truck and rescue truck, 4 firefighter minifigures and cool accessories.

If you’re thinking even bigger, how about the LEGO City Airport? This amazing playset has so much to do—enter the terminal through the revolving doors, check in at the ticket desk, go through the security checkpoint with X-ray machine, and relax in the café and lounge while you wait for the call to board your flight. Once the go-ahead comes through from the Control Tower, you’re all cleared for take-off, and it’s off on another adventure! Includes airplane, flight terminal, control tower, baggage cart, 5 minifigures, and more!

Since we’re talking about planes, trains and automobiles, let’s wrap up with the amazing LEGO Passenger Train. This new high-speed passenger train is faster than a speeding bullet and it’s on-track to super-speed passengers to their destinations! This train can handle up to eight cars at a time through the tight curves of the new flexible tracks using the new 4-channel, 7-speed infrared remote control. Train features an engine with opening cockpit and 2 passenger cars with removable roofs and space for 10 passengers. Includes 3 minifigures: train driver and 2 passengers; plus 1 traffic light, train station, 16 curved track pieces and 16 flexible track pieces that can make a curve or straightway.

This amazing LEGO train is 69cm long and features LEGO Power Functions battery box, train motor, infrared receiver and 4-channel, 7-speed, infrared remote control that can run up to 8 different trains at once.

LEGO Toy Story
LEGO and the fantastic Pixar Toy Story films are a perfect match, and Games Paradise has the LEGO sets to prove it!

Buzz Lightyear blasts off for infinity—and beyond! The LEGO Construct-a-Buzz set. This buildable, poseable Buzz Lightyear is all set for interstellar adventures, battling the Evil Emperor Zurg with the help of his winged jetpack, closable visor and arm-mounted, flick-launching laser cannon… not to mention his little green alien friend (included)! The completed Buzz stands over 18cm tall with an 18cm wingspan.

Relive entire scenes from the movies, like the Western Train Chase—the Evil Dr. Porkchop has trapped Rex in a boxcar packed with dynamite aboard a runaway train, and it’s up to his friends to save him. As Woody bravely battles Porkchop on top of the train, Jessie rides Bullseye in hot pursuit and Buzz flies in for a last-second rescue! This great set includes Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, Rex and Hamm as Evil Doctor Porkchop, and a train with locomotive and 3 cars that really roll (watch out for those trapdoors on the roof).

LEGO World Racers
If high-speed adventure is your thing, how about the amazing LEGO World Racers? Two teams of racers—the Backyard Blasters and the X-treme Daredevils—face off to win the trophy for the ultimate world race! But watch out! The teams have equipped their vehicles with weaponry like dynamite and big guns to battle each other in the unique habitats they’ll be encountering throughout the race.

Places like Gator Swamp, where the teams race a high-octane jungle—wwizzing past the floating dock, the X-treme Daredevils and the Backyard Blasters almost knock the World Racers official off into the hungry crocodile in their race to get the trophy! The action heats up as the Blasters drop mines while the Daredevils launch their flick-firing missiles! Who will win the wildest race on earth…and can they escape the gator’s powerful jaws?

Or the hottest leg of the the World Race, the Desert of Destruction! The Backyard Blasters desert rally racer takes the lead and plans to keep it with its massive cannon. But close on its heels is the X-treme Daredevils team truck. Watch out… when the back opens to unload the desert buggy racer, the X-treme Daredevils will start blasting away the flick-firing missiles!

At the opposite end of the temperature scale is the race across Blizzard’s Peak. Tearing over the arctic icescape with World Racers, the two teams are neck and neck as they approach the official holding the checkered flag! Racing on specially-equipped arctic racers, both teams have a few tricks up their sleeves. Can the Backyard Blasters use the helicopter to win and beat the X-treme Daredevils?

This is just a quick look at the almost endless variety of LEGO products available. We’ve sure come a long way from that big box of bricks—now LEGO is a whole wide world—and beyond—of adventure!