My Absolutely Adorable Pet Blankie

“I look like a toy with a cute furry face,

Unroll me to find a blankie in place.

For warmth and security each day as you grow,

Best friends forever wherever we go.”

Toys Paradise brings My Pet Blankie, an absolutely cute & irresistible product directly from the US straight to you.  My Pet Blankie is a 3-IN-1 blanket, pillow, and stuffed toy!

So what’s so great about this toy?

My Pet Blankie comes rolled up with a cute animal face showing on the top. Just unroll it to turn it into a blanket or fold it to make it a pillow. To turn it back into a stuffed toy, fold it, roll it, and attach the loop around the animal’s tail to keep it rolled up. That’s how easy & multifunctional it is!

It’s so cute & soft that it’s an immediate hit with the kids. Children can take their favourite blanket with them wherever they go and they love snuggling up to the cuddly animals as a pillow, blanket or stuffed animal friend.

It’s a bigger hit with the Parents because it’s wallet friendly, machine washable and stuffing free! This hug-able and love-able toy is for infants and children of all ages making it a perfect present for baby showers, birthdays and any other occasion.  Doesn’t worry it’s hypoallergenic, snugly soft fleecy material makes it very safe for infants and children prone to dust allergies.

There are 5 different animals available to choose from. So which one is going to be your pet? :)