My Little Ponies and the Kingdom of Ponyville

If there’s one thing that almost all little girls love, it’s horses! Did you know that My Little Pony has been a fun favourite with little girls since way back in 1983 and the range celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2008? There have been three generations of My Little Pony toys since they were first launched, and there’s no sign of the colourful little friends becoming any less popular. More than just a range of toys, My Little Pony has inspired an animated feature length movie and three animated television series, and there are many adult collector’s out there as well.

There’s a My Little Pony toy for every budget, from the cute little single ponies up to wonderful playsets that will inspire your little girl’s imagination and bring them hours and hours of absorbing playtime in Ponyville, a fun-filled magical world of friendship! Pinkie Pie (she also comes with a skirt, or just with a brush) is everyone’s best friend. She’s always dreaming up something fun to do that will keep everyone laughing and smiling all day long! Scootaloo loves to play games; she’s always on the go to meet and play outdoors with her pony friends, especially her big sister Cheerilee, who loves stories and enjoys reading to her little sister. She has a great sense of humor and is always ready to share a laugh!

Rainbow Dash (who also comes in this version) is the glamor girl of Ponyville! All her friends come to her for advice on fun, fashion and ways to look their very best! Star Song is a talented singer and dancer who shows off her skills best when she’s on stage. She can sometimes be a bit shy off stage, but she loves to be in the spotlight putting on shows for her friends.

There are lots of other special friends to meet in Ponyville: Twilight Sparkle, Rarity (and Fashion Pony Rarity), Fluttershy, and Applejack (and Fashion Pony Applejack).

Princess CelestiaSweetie Belle is a sweet and kind unicorn. As the youngest pony, she always wants to play or meet her friends for a snack! Princess Celestia is very special; a magical and beautiful pony who rules the kingdom of Equestria and is looked up to by all of the ponies in Ponyville. This beautiful, electronic pony figure has all kinds of things to say to you, like “I will light the way!” and “Let’s fly to the castle!” When you are ready to soar, press the button to make her wings light up and move. Comb her pretty purple and pink ringlets, put in her hair pins and place the crown on her head to help Her Majesty always look her best and rule with justice and beauty!

Your pony friends live in the kingdom of Ponyville, and there are wonderful playsets that bring this magical land to life. Take your friends for a starlit ride over Ponyville in Twilight Sparkle’s Balloon, which lights up and plays music, and gently glows in the dark in night-light mode as you drift off to dreamland.

Perhaps you’ll visit Applejack’s Sweet Apple Barn. Pick an apple from the tree and carrots from the garden to put into your wagon. Attach Applejack to the wagon and swing the barn doors open so she can pull it all right inside. Once chores are done, your kitten and rooster friends will want to go for a ride! Use the bucket and watering can to take care of your crops and then spin the weather vane to see how the wind is blowing! Farm living is tons of fun when you have a pal like Applejack to share the work!

Gumball HouseSweetie Belle’s Gumball House is a wonderful place to spend the day at home baking! She comes down from her bedroom to her kitchen on her musical elevator to bake treats for her friends in an oven that really lights up! Once the treats are finished and cooling on her table, she rides on her seesaw to celebrate a job well-done! When baking time is done and playtime is through, you can pack up your Sweetie Belle pony and all of the accessories inside the playset and close up her cute little home for the night.

Mermaid Pony Castle is an extra-special place near the sea, and whenever the ponies visit they magically become beautiful mermaids! There are new friends to make and stories to hear of sunken treasures lost long ago. The Pony Castle plays music while the swing revolves, and you can turn the thumbwheel to make your pony surf on the waves, or slide your pony down the waterslide. There’s a detachable carrying case too! Have a picnic with your ponies and sit back to enjoy the twinkling castle lights. There’s tons of fun to be had under the sea!

There’s so much fun for little girls when they enter the kingdom of Ponyville and get to know their My Little Pony friends!