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The Birds Are Here and They’re Angry!


Angry Birds has sold over 50 million copies, and you can get some great merchandise for the Angry Birds phenomenon at Toys Paradise!

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Begin the Adventure in Heroica!


What better way to introduce kids to amazing worlds of fantasy and imagination than with a dungeon adventure game made of LEGO? HEROICA is a new series of exciting adventure games that can be played separately or combined into an even greater game experience!

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What’s Hot: The Encyclopedia of Immaturity Volume 2


The Klutz Encyclopedia of Immaturity Volume 2 includes topics like What We Talk About When We Talk About Wedgies, and detailed directions for how to: fake a cold, slide down a banister, balance a ping pong ball on your nose, send a toiletgram, throw a sloshie, and lots more.

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Baby Alive Crib Life Crew


Crib life! It’s a good life! Most babies crawl around that’s not what we do … but we’re not like other babies we’re the Crib Life crew—trendy, cute, and we love to shake our booty!

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NERF Vortex is Here!


The wait is over. The brand new NERF blast line is here. Kids and adults alike will eager to get their hands on these amazing new disc blasters—for the ultimate battle experience!

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What’s Hot: X-Shot Turbo Fire Blaster Dart Shooter


Blast your way to victory with the X-Shot Turbo Fire Blaster Dart Shooter. Its turbo charged rapid fire dart barrel holds 20 darts for unbelievable firepower!

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LEGO Technic!


The ultimate expression of what LEGO is capable of has to be the LEGO Technics series—amazingly detailed and beautifully engineered expert-level models that have a myriad working pieces!

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What’s Hot: Webkinz Majestic Tiger


Webkinz are very special plush animals—look at this wonderful Majestic Tiger with his beautiful patterned orange pelt!

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Pillow Pets have Landed Exclusively at Toys Paradise!


Pillow Pets are here and they’re looking for good homes! They’re the hottest selling toy in the US right now and everybody wants one—and now’s your chance, because they’ve arrived exclusively for three weeks right here at Toys Paradise!

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WOW! WOW Toys!


What makes WOW toys special? They don’t require batteries, but still have amazing functions and features to discover. They only use strong, high grade materials and every toy is rigorously tested to make sure it is durable and safe. There are no small parts, no toxic materials, and of course no used batteries to throw away either … And most importantly, they’re heaps of fun!

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